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April 12, 2008


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Amy Gahran

Hi, Beth

As I told you privately, I'm very glad that your N95's firmware was up to date when you received it. I hope that when you do update your firmware (because at some point you will have to), it's doesn't brick your phone like what happened to me.

BTW, the character string to find your firmware version on your N95 is: *#0000#
- Yep, you need the asterisk at the beginning of the string. I missed that too, the first few times.

- Amy

Ricky Cadden

Actually, that process is unnecessary. If you're using PC Suite on your computer to sync your phone, it will automatically check for a new firmware when you connect your phone, and alert you with a small notification if there's a new version.

You can also run the Nokia Software Update application at any time, just to check. No magnifying glasses, no funky codes to type in, just plug your phone in and click 'start'. It will check and come back to let you know what firmware you currently have as well as the most current version.

Easy peasy.


I´m sorry, but I think you are overreacting about some of the things you mention here. You should find information before you buy a phone these days or try to update its firmware. It's easy to blame Nokia for your lack of knowledge in this matters, than to get some knowledge before trying to do this isn't it?? As somebody said before me you don't need to do all the things you mentioned before, regards.-

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