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March 30, 2008


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Great to see you're using it for videoblogging. You'll love it. It's vlogging magic. I thought I'd experiment with a week of videoblogging on my N93 (same video camera, editor and wifi) exactly a year ago, and ended up using nothing else - I've made 200 or so films on it this year.

It's so great to cut out all the time you usually waste when videoblogging - transferring to computer, compressing/exporting, uploading and posting to blog. My workflow is now shoot, cut on the phone (adding start and end titles made in iMovie), email quickly & for free via Wifi to, who automatically post it to my blog, which is then posted by Twitterfeed to Twitter. It's suddenly possible to post things in the moment, and start an immediate conversation.

And contrary to what Nokia think, the editor is quite a powerful tool - you can see the massive range of stuff I've made with it at - insanely, Nokia have actually *removed* the editor on the latest non-US version, the N95 8GB. Idiots.

I've take 3 months off for work, but I'm starting again on April 1st and I've been asked to make a couple of screencasts this week for Nokia's Ovi sharing site, showing my whole mobile filmmaking workflow - I'll send you the links.

Good luck with it! :)

David Wilcox

Beth - thanks for starting this journal ... another wonderful service! I've just got an n82 in the UK which I'm told is n95 with better software. I'm on a t-mobile unlimited data plan, with some phone use.
The interface is a real pain after the iPhone (which I'm keeping). I haven't got connection to my Mac figured yet either. Apparently there is a usb cable driver download but I can't find it anywhere. Will keep in touch.
Rupert - you are an inspiration! What an amazing vlog. You may well get some comment, queries ... I lived in Brighton 1986-98, now London (City). Miss the sea, Downs, but not the travel:-)

Amy Gahran

Beth, thanks for starting this journal. I hope that you'll have better luck than I did. I hope to give the N95 a try again when there's a local option to get it repaired/replaced that doesn't require shipping, waiting for weeks, and possibly getting charged for it.

To clarify, the keyboard did not cause my N95 meltdown. The keyboard worked fine after a clunky setup. It was the firmware upgrade that bricked my N95. Did you do a firmware upgrade yet? How did it go?

I totally fell in love with my N95 in the few days I had it. It was exactly what I wanted until it bricked, and then I realized how vulnerable Nokia's poor service left me. My hope is that it will become available from a local retail outlet, or that the next-gen iPhone will include 3G, real GPS, and bluetooth keyboard compatibility.

- Amy Gahran


Beth, have you tried Wavelog from

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