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Hi Beth,
I think Harry is in grade 1 or 2, not very sure ;-)
Well, Cambodia's elementary school starts at 7h00 till 11h00 or (another group) starts at 13h00 till 17h00. Thursday is the labor day where most children do various works in order to clean their school's compound.
White blouse, blue skirt or pant is uniform of Cambodian student/pupil. Hair must be short for boy and well-decorated for girl. I remember, when i was in elementary school, my teacher used ROMPOAT(a ruler-like long thing made from wood) to punish(hit) every students who do not obey the school/class rule (like: not doing homeworks, escape from class,...). I'm not sure if the kind of punish is still existing.
Anyways, i heard that the ministry of education has cancelled the Labor-day Thursday, since the government is in lack of schools or classrooms. Cancelling the thursday-off(labor) brings more educational opportunity to students.


Hi Beth,

In Cambodia students are required to wear uniform since the primary school to somehow university. For example, my university, the Royal University of Phnom Penh also requires students to wear uniform, blue shirt with dark blue or black Sampot, a kind of Cambodian long skirt.

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