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Hun Sen is anything except a stupid man. He has a strategy in this, even if he didn't invented it.
On election years, he frees political prisoners and gives way for more freedom of speech, because foreign journalists and attention are in/on Cambodia.
When the election and the post-election troubles are over, all of this vanishes (we are in this phase), and he states, in his most ruthless way, that he's the master and intends to stay that way. Repeat this for the last 15 years and the next X years ?
This time, the international community might publicly notice and start to ask him about his democratic record. It may be, but I don't really believe in that.
The only ones who will be heard are the racist anti-vietnamese opposition activists, supported by US (Republican) money, branding imaginary figures of a demographic "invasion" supported by Hun Sen.
This is the present and the future of politics in Cambodia. It makes me sad, but any optimism seems silly to me.

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