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She used to exchanged mails with me and gives some links to my old sites. Maybe I'm to inform her to start blogging ;-)


taht website is the most stinking pile of shit EVER.

not to hate but 70 percent of the recipes on there are PURELY vietnamese. khmer krom refer to khmer living in vietnam so that makes sense that they'd eat vietnamese food but to pass them off as cambodian is HILARIOUS.

of course there are a few similarities in terms of a few dishes, but the amount of purely vietnamese dishhes she has on there is INSANE.

what's worse, is that she even claims chinese dishes from cambodia! she claims the ever popular xa xiu meat as cambodian in origin! how far can one go in their lies?

her sections about khmer krom also include unfounded hate for vietnamese...absolutely hilarious. that website is a joke and a lie.

ask any camboidan person and they'll tell u about what foods are really cambodian and vietnamese

none of ur beez wax

if you are talking aboout food, ok then discuss that.. but don't be discussing about politic of khmer krom.. there is more to learn about their horrible living there.. go check your info before u say ITS A JOKE!.. for more info of the khmer krom ppl, go to: for the news of the living, n the hope of peace

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