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Hi Beth,
Andy is right and you are right too. I think vlog and podcasting could play major roles in empowering poeple (if used right) in the upcoming Cambodian election. Since large number of population don't understand English or now how to read/write Khmer, voices and pictures can substitute. However, complicated and expensive technical stuffs have to be overcomed. Thank you for the discussion.


Nothing wrong in experimenting.
Cambodia's got one of the lowest literacy rates in Asia. So video and audio are a great way to break the literacy barrier.

I think a tutorial would be a great thing for this portal site we've been talking about, if we get it in gear. The tricky thing for now is of course bandwidth.

I think there is a potential intersection here between Vlogging, podcasting and mobile phones. The first 'vanity purchase' any upwardly mobile Cambodian makes seems to be a swanky camera/video enabled phone.
I'm seeing loads of Khmers with Ericssons or Nokias that have pretty impressive capabilities.

Hmm, I'll have to look into this.

andy carvin

Hi Beth,

Great talking to you yesterday. One correction, though - the idea behind the voicemail server isn't to email you a copy of the voicemail. The idea is to call a number, leave a voicemail, and have it automatically posted as a podcast to your blog.

Here's an example of it in action, using the service:

They were voicemails I made from Ghana a few weeks ago. They weren't posted automatically, though. But they were recorded and uploaded to my site automatically.

Similarly, if you go to my mobcasting blog, you can find a series of voicemails automatically posted by

So the technology exists; it's just not available outside the US, which is the whole point of making a more sophisticated open source version of it. It also doesn't let you listen to podcasts on your phone, so that aspect would be new.

take care,



Thanks for the correction Andy! Okay, I understand it better now.

Good point Jinja - one for the why give a damn about podcasting part.

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