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Brian R

Thanks for linking to audioactivism!

I've been thinking AND working on this challenge a lot. I still belive using a cell phone is the best solution at this time. But how can we get around long distance charges and paid Internet services? In essence how can we make this as cheap as possible for as many people as possible. I don't mean cheap by US standards but cheap in International terms.

Answer: Localism! By distributing the service load to as many groups and countries as possible.

Example: If an organization in Cambodia had a bit of hardware that was a appliance/server, a broadband Internet connection, and a analog phone line connection they could host their own free cell phone blogging service for local people. Someone in South Africa could do the same for local people and tweak it to THEIR needs.

This machine would act like a fancy answering machine that could upload mp3 files to other servers with more bandwidth to podcast files around the globe.

Plus all these machines could facilitate VOIP communication with each other!

I'm experimenting with a prototype now. :D



That sounds exciting! Look forward to hearing more about it.

Tea Vui Huang

And the flip side to it... how to receive and listen to podcast without an iPod:

Podcasting to Mobile Phones!
(No iPod, MP3 player, or iTunes mobile required).

A free iPodder add-on developed by Tea Vui Huang automatically converts podcasts to the widely supported AMR-NB mobile phone audio format.

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