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Beth, you may not hear "web site", coz there's translation of the word into Khmer - "Web site = Ke Haak Tum Por". Please try hard to hear this word in the clip ;-)

Hmm...I don't get you on the translations of ".org" or your name "Beth". Anyways, If you let me write them in Khmer, I assure that every Khmer literates will pronounce them correctly, sounding just like what you hear an american say to you. Hmmm... you get my point? :-p


Yes, I got your point. Here's an English slang word: Oops! It means I made a mistake! I corrected my post and thanks for the khmer lesson. We really need find a way to get you to podcast some khmer language lessons for me and my children ... argoon.


Of course, saying "web site" can be understandable, too. Actually, "Ke Haak Tum Por" comes from a compound noun "Ke Haak"+"Tum Por". "Ke Haak" is from Sanskrit( language got much influence from Sanskrit or Pali that're originated in India) - "Ke Haak" means "home or house", while "Tum por" means "page". So, "Ke Haak Tum Por" obviously means "Homepage".

I'm pleased to podcast some Khmer language lesson for you, especially, for Sara and Sarak ;-). But, my English is still poor :-(


I haven't listened to the audioclip, but I wouldn't be surprised that Prince Sihanouk used the word "web site". He always use it in its postings in French, even though there is a French translation.

sopheak Hean

ke hak tum por =

ke hak = "web" in this situation. 'ke hak' is a borrowed word from 'baley' buddis word for describing something to be similar to store or place to keep or home or place. its a "baley" word so i will have to ask the Monk for better explainatin.

tum por = page; eg: tum por ti
brum =the 5th page. or if you put "brum tum por = 5 pages"

you can ask me if you need help with cambodian language or khmer. i'm happy to help you. Beside i can also read a little bit of thai and laos myself. because Thai and laos are based on an old khmer script.

you can try contact me by my email that i post to u or my msn: [email protected]

I'm khmer and resided in NZ for 7years now.My english is decent and my khmer is still ok i guess.I've finished year 10 "khmer class" i've moved to NZ when i was 15yrs old.

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