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Hi Beth. It's been awhile since I left a comment. Nothing like a contest to whet my apetite! Although a bit late to this but would love a copy -- if for nothing to more to see Jess3's beautiful info graphics... swoon... ctedwards [at]

Catherine Onyemelukwe

I want Brian's book! I'm an early adopter, but late middle-age (69) - I've been using social media and reading your blog for ages. I'll use the book to improve our social media use at my nonprofit where I'm staff, and the national nonprofit I head as board president, and I'll also spread the word to others. I regularly encourage people at other nonprofits to try social media and experiment, to get over fear of something new.

Barbara Lewis

I would love to read this book. I got an advance copy of "Switch" from you and have been touting it to all my colleagues!


I'd love to win a copy of this book! It sounds like a great read.

Lisa Butler

Would love a copy! Thanks for the recommendation and the opportunity to win a free copy!


I'm adding it to my list!

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