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Ted Hart

Hey Beth I am looking forward to reading this book, of course a free copy is even better. Chapter 21 looks like a winner, I am sure the entire book is a must read. [email protected]

Bryan Vaniman

Hi Beth. This sounds like a really interesting book and is relevant to what we're doing at KindCoins. I'd love a chance to win your extra copy. Thanks!

Mary Beth

Hey Beth, stopping by to say hi! Hi.
Love free stuff...


Hey Beth! Love following you on Twitter (tyanaowings11), and would love to read this book. Right now I'm alone in the Social Media in our nonprofit front. Anxious to get my hands on anything that will help me educate others. [email protected].

joanne Kay

This book sounds like a must-read. It would be nice to be confident in the direction you are pointing, rather than feeling as though you are blindly trying to point anywhere at all!

Account Deleted

Hey Beth how to get this book, is there any softcopy,? we have small groups that are interested in learning about the role of social media in our city, in the Pacific islands, thanks

Lori Shipulski

I'm new to your blog. Looks like I joined-in at a great time. You're a great source of information as I am starting a small nonprofit aimed at educating other small nonprofits on the benefits of social media to their mission.


I've been following you for almost a year now and Brian Solis for almost two. I'd love to have a chance to see his book.

Cynthia Gentry

Just starting to study this field. So much to learn! I used to associate the word "brand" with greedy corporate marketing types promoting some lame product. So interesting that it is not just for the dark side, but for good works, too! [email protected]

Meggin O'Morrow

What a great give away! I'd love to read that book! It's amazing what is available to us now that social media has a life of its own. Feed the Web good things.

Joel Lignier

Thanks for making this offer. Here's my entry.

Arielle Sherman

Hi Beth! I am so excited for this book. I'm getting my Master's in Arts Administration, and over the next year I will be writing my thesis on online fundraising in arts NPOs (and how this builds communities-physical and virtual). Your blog leads me so many interesting places!


I've been looking for something like this to help our state affiliate of the Learning Disabilities Association develop more strategic ways of reaching our stakeholders. Love the visual, and think it help us to develop our overall plan more effectively because it provides the needed graphic organization that we need so much.


Kathleen Kosobud, past president, LDA of Michigan


Hi Beth! sounds a great book indeed! :) I would be so glad to get a free copy. I will be awaiting. Here you go my email: [email protected].


Charlene Burke

Hi Beth!

What a terrific book to pass on to my local non-profit, Blue River Services... staffed with 2 employees they are tireless in their efforts to get donations and to work with their clients.

Charlene Burke
[email protected]


Hi Beth! I have only recently stumbled across your blog, thank you so much - I have now got a lot of reading and catching up to do! Would love to have a read of the book too.


Avil Beckford

Hi Beth,

I have been winning a lot of books lately so I hope that I win this one. On my blog The Invisible Mentor I do book reviews, so this would be right up my alley. I have a few other social media books to review.

On a more serious note, I am interested in hearing what Brian has to say about Social Media Marketing Compass which he got the idea from moral compass. In my book, some of the interviewees talk about having a moral compass, which is important because you know where to draw your line in the sand and you know what you will and will not do in different situations.

Thanks for offering to give up one of your copies of Engage.


Sounds like a great book that could allow me to help coach our 80 chapters on their use of social media. In fact, I think I may take advantage of that social media compass above in a webcast next week.

Allison McGrath

Sounds like a great book. Keep up the good work Beth!


Thanks for the opportunity Beth! I've been wanting to 'engage' with that book and been very interested in reading it! Sounds like a great source of information :)

Sarah Donaldson

Thank you for the continued information Beth! I've just taken on the task of social media managing for our small advancement department. There's so much to learn!


Would love to read the book! [email protected]

Alissa Cook

Hi Beth! We met at the NTEN conference. I love getting your blog as it's been so useful in helping me to promote both Techbridge and the Atlanta NonProfit Professionals group. I am the marketing chair and responsible for creating next year's social media plan for ANP and would love to get my hands on a copy of this book! Thanks and have a great day!


Christie Goodman, APR

You and Brian are both so generous with sharing innovative ideas. I'd love a chance to read Brian's latest book! [email protected]


Sounds like not just a valuable addition to but an evolutionary step in thinking about these {emerging/converging/diverging...amazing} fields. Would love the chance to read it!
joebrown at sloperesources dot com

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