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I think says exactly what I'm always trying to say. So glad to have Dev Patnaik break it down more eloquently and you to write it down and recognize it! Very helpful.

Why wasn't Sean at NTC? I'd love to get him to do a session next year that examines this friction between marketing "nonprofit stories" and being truly transparent and speaking to donors/audiences with the open facts. Can you balance both? Does one undermine the other?

Fran Loosen

It was a great talk that pushed the foundation community on their thinking and certainly on their practices and blind spots. I loved it!


Aside from wishing a facebook friend a happy birthday,
I can think of a few ways!

Empathy is so key to what fundraisers and marketers do.

We need to tell stories in social media, in twitter and facebook.

These stories should use empathy by

Helping others feel the pain of those who are in need,

Helping others feel the relief of being able to help, even in a small way.



I agree: listening = empathy. And isn't listening what social media is all about?

Concerned individuals have an opportunity to voice their apprehensions, be heard, and, most importantly, receive a response (that is, if the company is empathetic). This the epitome of "true engagement;" in the pre-social media era, individuals would never receive such timely responses or feel that their opinions/feelings matter.

Social media has made it essential for companies to be empathetic. There is no way around it. Those who do not engage with their audiences in empathetic manner will appear disingenuous and disconnected.

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