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Chip McComb

Thanks for sharing how you breakdown and measure your FB page interaction. This will help me manage my non-profit's page much more effectively as are focused on a similar listening and engagement objective.

I'm interested in knowing, have you been able to identify which types of posts lead to more fans?

Beth Kanter

It's a combination. The posts that work best are the ones that get people to interact - either respond or like because that goes in their news feed and their friends see it.

Allison Fine

I love the phrase "actionable data"! It's great and really speaks to the need to collect the least amount of data not the most which is so easy to do. Great post, thanks!


Joanna Bartlett

I don't track in quite as much detail as you do (and only just realized I can download an excel file of my insights thanks to this post!). But I keep track of 2 Facebook pages, plus two or three Twitter accounts, our YouTube account, Picasa web galleries, etc.

My observations on what garners the most interaction are anecdotal. Stories about our miracle families get the most comments as do events that are going on in the community. Basically, telling stories about real people that our fans/likers either know or can connect with.

I love it when our fans/likers post things to the pages independently of us, telling us about the things going on in their organizations or lives.

Tagging photos seems to increase interaction as well, although Facebook makes it hard to tag someone who's not a friend or you don't have an e-mail address for. I often have IDs, but am not personally friends with the people in the photos. That's another thing that bugs me about facebook - using my personal account to be the admin of our pages. I'd prefer not to become friends with all of our donors and supporters, but want to be able to better engage and communicate with them.


Thanks for sharing your insights here.  I used to track things annecdotely as well, but when I actually committed to putting it in a spreadsheet and looking at and thinking at it - I got deeper insights about what worked and what didn't. 

Te Rae

Hi Beth

Thanks for this. I decided a few months back that while the FB Page Updates were useful they wouldn't mean a lot if I didn't put them in to an excel sheet with similar headings to yours above. I do it weekly (when the updates come through) - while I'm still working out how to best utilize these. They definitely give me a better idea about how our page is tracking and what kind of info is working, but I also keep reminding myself that it is partly about experimentation as well.
I feel very happy that I analyze FB stats similar to a social media specialist like you!
It has brightened up my day!


What have you discovered?

Lori L. Jacobwith

This is a great, detailed review of measuring the tools we use. Good fundraisers can use similar metrics & practices with their donor giving history. How long have they given? Where do they give? When? How many times? All of this data, if used properly can increase the relationship being built with a supporter/follower/friend. And isn't that what this is all about? Isn't it why we use social media and meet with people face to face? To build relationships and community? Great post! Thanks, Beth.

Becky Band Jain

Thanks so much for outlining in such detail what metrics analysis actually looks like. Though I'm still not convinced that the "fun part" is making sense out of it :) How can I make it seem like not such a daunting task...?

Keith Morris

Hey Beth, would you be willing to share your spreadsheet file with us? We don't need to see the data, but it would be super helpful to see how you've laid out your headers.

Stephanie Janes

Thanks for sharing, Beth!

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