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Great powerpoint presentation. Loved the pictures.

The picture of the tiny chair with the "I can make better choices" sign taped on was perfect.


Maybe it's my learning style, but I found the sessions at NTC that were solely audience chats to be less helpful in some cases, though I wasn't at the session you mentioned here. I think those kind of audience-driven sessions need really good moderation, so that tangents that don't really meet the goals of the session don't derail it too much and so that everyone can participate/hear/comprehend the discussion.

Also, really good notetaking and sharing of those notes after an UnConference session is important--I was at several sessions where tools were mentioned by auience members and all in the auience nodded knowingly as if they all already knew it, but either I couldn't hear what they said or didn't already know the name well enough to be able to note it, so the info was lost on me. If it had been up on a slide or recorded for posterity in notes, I would have seen it to write it down correctly.

But maybe it is just that I am not at an advanced enough level for those sessions? Dunno--just think that kind of session needs some strong moderation. I liked the sessions that were at least half expert mind dump, personally, though the Q & A was helpful some of the time. Maybe this is why they kicked me out of the alternative school :)

PS. Your Wives powerpoint was EXTREMELY helpful!

David Runberg

Great job incorporating the Red Cross. It was easy to understand what you mean by social culture from looking at the pictures of people assisting others. I also enjoyed the picture of the boy on the water slide. That was a great example for overcoming any type of fear one might have. You just have to do it...

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