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Account Deleted

Thanks for the link to the e-book. I feel that measurement is such an important and difficult step to take - definitely in the right direction but hard to gather the impulse for.

Shayna Englin

Many thanks for the ebook review, Beth. We're so glad you found it a productive addition to the conversation.


Dear Beth,

Thanks for alerting us to this resource!
We would count:
How many people answer the survey
How many people open our e-newsletter
How many people click our e-newsletter links
How many actual donations this brings in
How many people clicked through to our nonprofit through our Google adwords grant?

And if I were working with this nonprofit again, I would also add:
How many times do we twitter a day? About what? How often are we retweeted?

How many times do we blog per month? What's our hit-rate? What's our pageviews? What's our Uniques?

And finally, how many times are we featured in blogs, newspapers, TV and Radio because of our online outreach?

If we add all of these together, how many people did we touch in a year?




Hi, Beth,

Thanks for the great observations and feedback. I have been doing a great deal of research lately on Twitter and if it is an effective social networking site for nonprofit organizations. My concern stems from organizations failing to first define objects and strategy before appearing on SN sites. It seems many organizations are using these sites as strategies, rather than a tactic to achieve a goal.

Thanks for the great tips.


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