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What a great case study, Beth - thank you for sharing! Foursquare in particular seems to have so many naysayers, it reminds me of the reaction to Twitter in the early days. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but it seems to make more sense to me to at least experiment with the (or any) application before deriding everyone who does use it.

You share so many great resources that help so many of us as we continue to try to figure out this rapidly-changing world. Thank you.

Brittany Vasseur

speaking of geolocation tools - this is a great tool just launched by a StartingBloc fellow:

J Maguire

It is amazing me everyday how I keep reading about the many ways in which social media is generating a real awareness of culture and promoting change. Getting people to the museum, even through a social media ploy, is still getting them to expand their horizons for an instant and experience something new, which they will be more likely to do again.

You may really enjoy this interview series of social media experts. The interviewees discuss an broad range of topics surrounding the upswing of social media's current and future trends.

Beth - talk about "6 Degrees" -- I was just introduced to FourSquare about four minutes ago!

I used to be very involved with nonprofit technology. Reading your post makes me want to think more about the usefulness of something like 4Sq for the one's I know.

Even though the idea is new to me, I can easily see the benefits for "for profit" businesses. For example, in a comment I wrote on the blog where I learned about FourSquare: "In this competitive climate, it makes sense to identify segments of the market, and if the entry cost is low enough, find a way to gain those customers who make up that segment. And if businesses who have a website are already using a map on the site, Geotagging, and stuff like FSq, should be an easy next step."

To me, then, it seems non-profits can take advantage of this kind of geotagging technology in pretty much the same way.

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