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Dan Cohen @dcstpaul

I think I was most impressed by three general things and three specific items.

On the macro...

First, an overall sense of fear-less-ness. That we are all in this together and have trusted leaders like Beth & Cheryl to guide us. And that listening has to be done fear-less-ly and without preconceived notions about what is "right." Listening for what will be effective and help us succeed is critical.

Second, a sense that we are learning together and the opportunities that it creates to grow as individual orgs and as a broader group working in fleeting collaborations. That's a pardigm shift in advocacy where we often feel like we have to have all the answers.

Third, that even though there are LOTS of tools available to us, we still need to CHOOSE the best ones to help us achieve our strategic goals. The social media game was an eye-opener - both to see the vast array of possible tools, but to also understand the true costs of using each one.

On the micro...

Bonus points to all for jumping all over the multi-lingual possibilities of social media & ways to customize to them. We learned about KMEX's social media work as an example.

Kudos to Mom's Rising and the Joyful Funeral concept. What a liberating way to measure "Success."

Finally, a recognition that each organization has a PATH towards social media usage and that we all don't have to be "there" yet. In Mom's Rising case, it was literally starting at the beginning with a weekly seminar - bringing everyone up to speed to ensure a common lexicon and body of knowledge.

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