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Will C.

Beth, Shelley Bernstein, the Chief of Technology here at the Brooklyn Museum, has come up with some great ways for the Museum to use foursquare:

Blog post explaining everything here:


As I’ve been experimenting with FourSquare, I keep thinking about what applications it might have for volunteer organizations.

What might it mean to become The Mayor of a service project?

Could volunteers “unlock” badges such as “Social Innovator” or “Community Hero?”

Could volunteers earn rewards generated through cause marketing corporate partnerships?

Volunteers who check in five times at the local foodbank earn a free latte?

Obviously there are some types of service projects that don’t fit with a geo-locating software. Some locations are secret for a reason, but many are not.

Could the growing FourSquare trend enhance volunteer recruitment?

Because I can easily add text to my check-ins and synchronize these posts with my Facebook and Twitter accounts, I wonder if adding “we still need five volunteers” to my service project check in message would draw more assistance in real time.

And what if FourSquare check-ins could be integrated with volunteer management databases? Could check-ins then serve as confirmation of volunteer attendance at a project? If so, could volunteer organizations more easily track participation and calculate overall impact with the assistance of this tool?

Potentially, FourSquare could enhance volunteer recognition, volunteer recruitment, project management and evaluation…

Quick! Someone get me on the phone with Dennis Crowley! (@dens) and help me to pull together a team of crack pro-bono developers to build a FourSquare volunteer management plug in!

Dawn Crawford

Great post - I love your writing style Beth.

I too am struggling to find value. I may have to be better about checking in at #10NTC.

I also worry that this will become the next "I'm eating a ham sandwich" of Twitter.

I see so much potential for small businesses but not so much for nonprofits.


There are a few nonprofit theatres working on building a foursquare game. I gave an example on how to build the strategy at:


Hi Beth,

I've written a lot about how nonprofits can use Foursquare to raise money via cause marketing programs. A great example of this is the Paypal/Microsoft partnership at SXSW just a couple weeks ago.

Read about it here:

Harvard U. recently launched a badge and has a lot to teach nonprofits Foursquare effectively. My thoughts:

For my first impressions on how nonprofits could you Foursquare to raise money, check out:

Finally, there is some talk about another location based service out there called CauseWorld. Here's why I think nonprofits should stick with Foursquare:

I think what really comes through all my posts is that location based services will play a key role for fundraisers, especially cause marketers, in the years ahead. Best to get on board now.

Joe Waters

P. S. I'm wititing a post for next week on how nonprofits can use 4sq. I hope to share some new insights.

Account Deleted

As I always note, I wish this could be easier to implement in Nicaragua! With so few iPhone users, it's really a shame that Foursquare can't get bigger down here. Trying to use my imagination though, Nicaragua would be a wonderful place to use the app. Not only would it help promote different local sites and get locals/tourists alike to visit different places around the country, but it could help promote non-profits projects that are located far and wide by creating campaigns and rewards for volunteers to visit as many projects as possible within a limited amount of time.

Marcella Chamorro

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