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Seth Godin

Hi Beth.

Any time a presenter sees the words, "You must have a live internet connection", she should run for the hills. This is a recipe for disaster, because it never works as it should.

Here's the alternative, and it's easy and it works. PS if you're doing a lot of presenting, get a mac and switch to keynote. Really. It's worth it.

1. Visit and download the YouTube video you like to your hard drive.
2. Insert the video into your presentation.

there is no step 3.

Jason Barnett

Seth is right on - especially about using Keynote. Another good tool is VideoDownloader for FireFox.

I've found that PP does not always like videos inserted into presentations either, so another reason to jump to Keynote.


Good suggestion about key note. VideoDownloader is a bit messy.. works fine if it is a class assignment but definitely not ideal for a formal presentation.

Beth Kanter

Another suggestion

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