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Quercus Florida

Great. I'm keeping this for future reference and spreading it around a little.

Tori Tuncan

Love the "Twitter Advocate" concept. Was that specific to this panel, or was it a SXSWi-wide thing?

Account Deleted

Definitely a good resource for someone who couldn't be at SXSWi. I wish there was a recording to watch for a more clear understanding of everything that was said - maybe a live stream next year? Or maybe I'll just get on a plane and see it firsthand. Either way, great content!

Beth Kanter

Tori: We set that up. but the idea came from Cliff Atkinson. I recently did a workshop on how to incorporate social media into trainings
you can learn more there.

I think one thing for the future is to have more twitter advocates and have them assigned to monitor different sessions or time - there was a huge volume of tweets.

ben rigby

Thanks for the recap beth. was great to be in the audience hearing (and feeling) all of the excitement around crowdsourcing and social impact.

One of the salient points I took away from the session was that although everyone (at least in our techhy circles) is familiar with the term 'crowdsourcing' - there's not yet a useful framework for talking about the different types of crowdsourcing (ie: labor on demand a la mechanical turk vs. asking your community to help out on a project vs. any activity involving a crowd of people). It occurs to me that creating such a topography would be useful.

As for feedback on the panel - i *loved* the Donahue walkaround style. That made it much more engaging. Rearranging furniture could definitely help - as could doing something like Gunner does before his Aspiration Tech sessions where he has people create a human spectrograph of opinion along a line taped in the middle of the room. This technique *really* gets people moving, thinking, and connected with the topic and eachother.

Ben Rigby

Opps, i left out a word above. Meant to say "everyone is familiar with the term 'crowdsourcing' - BUT there's not yet a useful framework..."

Jake Brewer

It was a great panel, Beth. Great synopsis.

I, personally, learned and thought about a lot in terms of how to build a truly network-centric organization that crowdsources ideas, talent, energy and resources.

Thank you for what you, Amy, Holly, Kari, and David bring to this community.


Beth, the panel was one of my favorite panels at the whole SXSWi and that was mostly because your panelists were super stars! I definitely learned a thing or two that I will bring back and share with my EDF coworkers.

One thing that would help for next time would be using that big screen at the front of the room to show the Twitter stream or something like Google Wave to capture everybody's thoughts, examples, questions, etc. The conversation moved so fast that I'm sure I missed a gazillion awesome points while creating tweets of my own!

Thanks for the recap and awesome sxswi session!


I'll second what Ben said about it being great to be in the audience and hearing and feeling the excitement. I definitely agree with you Beth that next time around I would've liked to have a little bit more of an intro/overlay before getting into examples. I know we did crowdsourcing definitions first but I think it might of been nice to stay broad a bit longer, discussing standard or type examples and then diving into specific case examples.

Great panel and great SXSWi experience overall!

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