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What a great way to get the audience involved without having to do an icebreaker (can't stand them personally), yet still accomplishing something pertinent for the workshop. Thanks for sharing your findings. I'm receiving similar generational feedback, and sharing similar case studies always sparks lively discussions about how our clients can apply similar strategies.

Robin Mohr

Thank you so much for coming! I think there was a lot of variety in the room, and people were all over the map in terms of social media usage.

I think the most important thing for the child care resource & referral agencies is to establish themselves as authorities in the new realms of social media. They already are the best source of information about licensed child care in every community in California, their services are already free to all families, but they are not well enough known in the wider world. Social media participation can also be a way of being available to new parents where they are - on Facebook at 2:00 am - in addition to traditional office hours, not instead of.

Plus I was so happy to meet you in person. Hope our paths will cross again.


Beth - I love the spectra gram idea. When I do webinars for Techsoup and Charityhowto, I often have a diverse audience who a bit shy. The spectra gram forces opinions and dialogue - and gives the presenter a good sense of where the group is at on topics. Thanks for pointing it out!

Beth Kanter


For the first part of any training, I facilitate exercises that lets learn as much as possible at the audiences' skill level and their attitudes related to whatever the learning goals are. The spectra gram is very much a physical, face-to-face exercise, although you could adapt to a webinar by the use of a real time polling. However,because webinars are conducted online - and you can't see the body language - it would be difficult to facilitate a conversation that might enhance learning.

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