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Paritosh Sharma

This is simply amazing stuff Beth. First let me thank you to fly all the way to India. It was amazing seeing your humbleness and a warm and instant connect, is what you created with everyone in India :)

This presentation sure raises some very crucial pointers. I especially like the Listen and then Engage, because many a times, in fact in India, most of the times, people forget this. Also I must applaud the fact that you have spoken about metrics: the demise of the Page View, well, metrics are to be defined in a custom manner for each client and just increasing traffic etc. is not the only aim.

I love the fact that at slide no: 56, you have shared the social media template. This sure is one crucial piece of information corporate should incorporate in their working with the social media.

After seeing the Social Media game, I really think I missed being in the session. This is a unique way of teaching the New Media! This is simply brilliant!

Account Deleted

Thanks for the mention Beth. I'd love to say that we followed a very structured approach to our social media efforts but it really did begin as an internal experiment to document the work we do and highlight work that others do in the same space. It's been far more successful than we imagined it would ever be. With the benefit of hindsight, I'd reduce it to an equation of sorts:

Conversation (Content + Context) + Time = Authority.
Authority + Time = Trust
Trust + Time = Engagement = Loyalty

It's much easier when the context is a cause, like ours is - A book in every child's hand and even easier when there is easy access to content, which we have in being a publishing house.

The question really is what do we do with the loyalty we build? We'd like to think that we spread the love, so to speak but realistically, we're going to have to build a platform sometime soon to engage our community to co-create and do so much more to contribute to the cause.

Sometimes, social media is really about catalyzing moments of serendipity.


Account Deleted

Beth, it was pleasure meeting you at NASSCOM India Leadership. Must say I had some amazing learning from you on how to use social media for social change not just for personal/professional usage and also enjoyed our conversations at "Social Media" topic table.

The tweetup with you and @dmscott was very enthusiastic and it helped many people to get answers to their basic twitter queries. Also I loved "how you use Twitter network analysis" to manage your huge volume of followers :)

It was wonderful learning from your presentation at "Technology for bottom of the pyramid" on how @RedCross was able to successfully transform themselves into a social organization and add more transparency to their work/efforts.

I appreciate you for sharing your knowledge with Indian NGO's and it will for sure aid in their efforts to leverage social platforms.

Look forward to meet you again in India.:)

Account Deleted

Dear Beth - It indeed was a pleasure meeting you! I thank you, also on behalf of NASSCOM Foundation, for not only taking time out and coming to India and sharing your knowledge with all of us but for doing it with so much enthusiasm. Each one us learned a lot from your sessions and we surely will implement as much in our best capacity. We continue to receive great feedback!

Will look forward to your continued advice on best managing the twitter handle @NASSCOM_CSR :)Have got in touch with Janet Fouts (@jfouts)Thanks again for her book!

Kivi Leroux Miller

Beth, you never stop amazing me!

With respect to your teaching approach, I really love how you embrace being honest with people about your hearing, your potentially bad jokes, and everything else. I think so many people who do public speaking are so focused on not making mistakes or fear not knowing all the answers that they come off too polished and unapproachable.

Social media makes us all MORE approachable, so when you talk about social media, I think it's even more critical to present a friendly real-human personality, which you do without effort (or so it seems - your post explains that effort DOES in fact go into it looking effortless).

I consistently find that when I go a little more casual and off the cuff, people really appreciate it, because frankly, it's more honest. This is especially true on webinars, where otherwise we speakers might seem like canned voices.

Love the idea of connecting the book winner with the authors on Twitter!

Rufina Fernandes


I really feel it was worth my while blocking your calendar a year in advance. At that time, although i had the priviledge to attend your workshops in Australia as well as San Francisco, i was unsure if it was the right time for India. Over the last few months, the response to our ConnectIT program, where we train NGOs and government officials on advanced IT skills and Social Media tools, only encouraged me to follow up with you and really pressing you to make it, despite all the personak constraints you had.

I feel proud that many CSR professionals and NGOs who attended, benefited from your workshop!

I am going to make sure that we keep this momentum going and as promised, i am going to see if we can work on the executive training program that you conduct for senior management professionals.

I hope I can make it to the NTC this year. If not, let's stay in touch.

Thanks again from all of us at NASSCOM Foundation.


Wow! You must be exhausted, Beth. But what a fantastic trip! You know, I love to hear about how other cultures/countries are grappling with CSR/cause marketing as their corporate and philanthropic cultures grow.

As you know, I'm pretty focused on cause-related marketing and draw most my inspiration from what happens here in the U.S. and the U.K. Although I have followed campaigns in Australia and South Africa.

But not in India. As the consumer culture culture grows there, it will be interesting to see what form CSR/cause marketing takes. But I must say I admire the current Eden-like state of being focused on social outcomes. But with the reward of attracting good employees already benefiting companies, is India poised for its own era of selfish giving?

Welcome home, Beth.


Rufina Fernandes

Dear Beth.

Would there be some way that we can keep track of the participants that attended our CSR and NGO workshops over the next few months and see how they have internalised or implemented the learnings?

It may give us some insights based on Joe's comments above. I agree with him, that India and the Indian Industry is warming up to CSR and cause related marketing. We may have triggered some good initiatives, you never know!



Jeff Jackson

Hi Beth,

As an American from the US who lives/works in Mexico/Cuba, I very much appreciate the self-reflection you shared on your visit and your training intervention. I especially liked your sensitivity to partnering with local resources. Nice story-telling and incredible slides. Your an artist!


Beth Kanter

From Nancy White:
I was nodding in agreement and recognition all the way through. It is an adaptive, transparent strategy!! My only variant is I often bring chocolate or other appropriate goodie. Food is an amazing facilitation tool!

From Jeff Gates:
Start off in the language of the country

Beth Kanter

Hey Joe,

With all due respect, read this article and let me know whether or not you change your perspective.

June Holley

Just want to point out some of Beth's Network Weaving brilliance!

1. She is a new style ethnographer. She simultaneously keeps herself wide open to a new culture by deeply paying attention both to others AND to herself (and to the reactions she notices in herself). This way, adapting her presentation to be more relevant to that culture comes more naturally; it emerges from her understanding of the culture as it is unfolding.

2. She publicly acknowledges existing leadership, building their credibility and helping them see themselves as a supportive and learning community. She encourages them to be Network Guardians, thinking about the network as a whole and what can move it forward.

3. She is helping people "act their way into a new way of being." She sets up simple platforms, such as the wiki, that enable people to enact the basic concept of self-organizing.

She shows that perhaps the best thing we can do when we "parachute" into another culture is to help people see how wonderful they are right now, while offering new microprocesses that enable them to co-create even more effectively.

Beth Kanter

More from Jeff Gates

Pranav Bhasin


Meeting and interacting with you was an amazing experience - I wish you would relocate to Bangalore so that we can see you more often :)

I think you have some great points here on cultural differences and excellent pointers to how you overcome them. This is something that a lot of people who present in India miss out thereby making their interactions less effective than they should be.

More so, my interaction with you got me more aware of CSR and the various initiatives going all over the world and I look forward to getting more involved in some of these in future.

Best wishes and I look forward to catching up with you again!


Hi, Beth,
I would like to express my willingnes to participation in future workshops in Delhi. I Would there be some way that we can keep track of the participants that attended your CSR and NGO workshops over the next few months and see how they have internalised or implemented the learnings? Again I appreciate you for sharing your knowledge with Indian NGO's and it will for sure aid in their efforts to leverage social platforms.

Look forward to meet you in Delhi
Dr. Ashok

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