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Ryan Quiel

Adding Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages has really helped me understand the cross traffic from my nonprofit website and our Facebook Page. You get the best of both worlds with FB Insight (gender, age, ect...) and everything you love about Google Analytics (including visitor statistics, traffic sources, visitor country, keyword searches with all other powerful reporting & maps overlays etc).

I look forward to setting up another Analytic goal on FB Pages to notify Google Analytics when someone has opted-in, much like a eNews signup on our current site. This makes a lot of sense to a online marketer, as a new lead is a new lead, no matter where you acquire it. It is then up to you to nurture that lead and convert them into a long term donor.

Here is the tutorial on how to set up Google Analytics on your FB Page.

Make sure to hide your FBML box to the bottom left corner of your wall. You can see ours here:

Good luck!


Ryan, that looks like a great idea. Do you know if it will work after the upcoming Facebook layout changes? I was under the impression that there would no longer be Boxes in the left-hand column next to the Wall.

And to add to the discussion, one thing we have found helpful is to compare the number of new fans in a period to the number of unsubscribes (not removed fans!) in the same period. This gives you a sense of how compelling your posts are and possibly if you are posting too frequently, since most people unsubscribe at the time that they are annoyed by a post in the news feed.

Christine Dattilo


Brilliant!! Worth a guest post except I hesitate to make FB aware since they must certainly see Beth’s Blog. Thanks for sharing!

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