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Nancy Schwartz

Great write up, Beth. I first met both Valdis and June about 15 years ago, in working on a project with the Kellogg Foundation on rural community use of the web to build/strengthen networks! They both taught me a huge amount on the topic and valdis' chart on neural networks is one of the few pieces of paper I keep around!

I love using Twitter to connect people and ask for connections. I often look at influential people's "following" list to see who we have in common to get an introduction. This strategy has been very valuable for our organization in getting on the radar of bloggers and vaccine advocates.

-- Dawn Crawford aka ImmunizeCOkids & SocMediaRckStr on Twitter

Social Capital Inc.

How do you find Twitter compares w other SM tools for this? Though I like Twitter, I find myself using LinkedIn more for this kind of "network weaving".

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