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Tresha Thorsen

Wahoo! Just seeing this itty bit of your take...following the constant streaming in of tweets, it reminded me of #twestival last January..b/c posts for you/ about you started well before you were even aware.:) One thing I forgot to mention as far as an impact: that you upped your whole families' life in a coast to coast move and shared every ounce of that experience with us. It's been such a huge year of shift and change and international presenting for you and yet you still press on. You continue to set the standard for so many of us..what can not we do? and you show time and again the power of weaving and collaborating. Deeply grateful. Big hugs.;)

Travel Blogs

Thats great news and compliments for all that hard work!

Allison Fine

Beth, I was so glad to be asked by Amy and Stacey to participate in the blogger surprise birthday party. You're right, it was sooo much fun to do this with a group of people whom I admire for someone I love. Thanks for setting the shining example of generosity and curiosity and learning that is amplified by social media. You're the best!!


Lettie Haver

Beth, you make me want to be a better librarian:) You are the hardest working woman in nonprofit social media and I say that over and over. You're our go-to resource and we love your generous, thoughtful sharing. You help so many just by being your best you everyday.

Happy Birthday and Many Thanks @Kanter!

Debbie Weil

Beth, 53 years YOUNG - congrats! What a great day with announcement of Zoetica too.


You're inspiring. Inspiring a blog post, specifically - but also, generally inspiring. :)

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