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atul tiwari

you donate to the homeless please have a tent and the entry can be in rs.100 or rs. 200 or rs.300 or rs. 500. or rs.1000. or rs 2000. hence in a tent on an average 5000 respected gentlemen and ladies will gather and your collection will be rs.500,000.and one can be generous with regular income and donation to the poor and homeless your friend atul



Thanks for introducing Mark in your blog. He sounds extraordinary and we will be reaching out to let him know about about Nate Bastien (, a 25 year-old graduate of Rhode Island School of Design who is creating the Street Pack, a "backpack for the homeless."

Made entirely of scrap material destined for the landfill, the Street Pack doubles as waterproof shelter and storage. The materials to produce the pack cost $.75 and Nate has engineered the design to address the specific challenges of individuals living in a homeless condition, such as including a solar blanket within one of the panels. His work is incredibly cool.

Several weeks ago Nate took to the streets of Boston (what he calls Street Retreats), panhandling for money, pitching a sleeping bag on the ground and spending time living among the homeless to prototype and strengthen the product he is creating on their behalf.

His ongoing story on Changents has generated quite a lot of buzz on and off our site. In addition, our crack social media team generated coverage for him on Core 77, Treehugger and other sites, which we feel very fortunate about.

Perhaps most unexpectedly for us, homeless people - who I imagine are going to their public libraries to login and interact with him online through our platform - have had passionate and sometimes heated exchanges with Nate.

In any event, I think Mark will find his story really interesting, and particularly the comments he has received on Changents from homeless individuals and those who want to help around the world.

Deron Triff


I hope there will be a lot more people like Mark who selfishly devotes his time in helping others.

Tracy, Status Now

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