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tresha thorsen

beth awesome news. thank you thank you for the connections update and for informing us as you always do with your updates.
it's stories like this the major news networks aren't able to cover and wouldn't probably find out about. i'm completely convinced esp from the engaging use of twitter and blogs during this crisis that i now turn to trusted humans over networks for news.bless you for knowing how vital it is for all of us to hear these bits. here's to hoping we're only just beginning to hear reports of the miracles...

John Bent

It is a very sad time for brothers and sisters of Haiti. With recent tragic incident in Haiti killing over 100000 people, donations can help them to recover soon. We have created a small website which provides easy links to all Non Profit organizations for donations like Red Cross, Unicef etc You Can Help Haiti! Thanks, Prayers.


Certainly some extremely worthy work being done here for those poor orphans. It's just a shame that it takes the flattening of an entire city to spur compassion and service around the world. There are a great many organizations helping orphans at home and abroad year round with little support or media coverage. is one such organization that provides care to children orphaned by AIDS in southern Africa. If everyone gave a little or volunteered a little with organizations like this or those listed in the article above the impact on communities around the world would be unmeasurable.

Will Hull - United Cerebral Palsy eCommunications/eDevelopment Specialist

Our very own, Greg Elin, CTO for United Cerebral Palsy used to work at the Sunlight Foundation and was at the Crisis Camp this past weekend. He said a lot of good things came out of it. If you are interested, Beth, I could work on connecting you two to get the details of what happened at the Crisis Camp. Thanks for covering this important topic.

Hollywood  Locksmith

I'm glad that the media is covering all the diasters of the world to make people aware of the needs of many people of Haiti and the need of support any way. I'm glad that people are stepping up and giving a hand to another human being. It is sad that it took a natural diaster to get people pour their hearts and money to country of Haiti. Where were these people 6 months ago or even a year ago to help the people of Haiti and i hope it will continue after the media goes away from this natural diaster.

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