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tresha thorsen

Awesome Beth.
I knew you'd post a tool we could use. I checked yesterday for the same and of course found your reflections on your bday post which was a vital read too.
I'm staying close to the news but balancing it with praying for Little Haiti (Miami) and many people I know in Miami have family on the island and we've made connections..some are gonna head over. Miami is doing much to support their island neighbor. In a way, tragic as the earthquake is, I'm so grateful the world is waking up to its caribbean neighbors' needs. I'd love to see the cruiseship industry seize the opportunity to provide temp housing offshore w/ their ships...and I'm hoping there's some kind of plan to help folks w/ temporary relo...esp for the children. Overall I'm soo trusting that the innate wisdom of each of us that rises to the occasion in crises is in full on within all down there. And trusting too we're not hearing all the news..that there are people being found...I'm writing on my blog how I'm praying, thinking, etc. Thanks always for all you do to keep us informed on the practicals. Hugs.

Nell Edgington

Beth, Do you know why the Red Cross is limiting the times you can text $10 to three times? I would imagine there are people who would like to give more that way. Why limit it? Is it a technology issue or something else?

We ran into this problem when we did a text campaign. It's really frustrating for the user, too, especially when you consider that you have to text, wait, then reply to a confirmation text. Doing that three times is a pain. A lot more user-friendly IMO to find a time to go online.

Wendy Harman

You can text to donate two or three times depending on your carrier. AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers can donate three times. If you wish to donate more than $20 or $30, please visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS.

As I understand it, this is the way all agreements are set up through mGive. I cannot confirm that, but believe it to be true.

Renee Hamilton

Hey Guys!
The Mobile Giving foundation has an agreement with the major cellphone carriers that allows ofr UP TO $30 per month in mobile donations (in $5 or $10 increments) additionally an organization can only text 4 follow up messages to a mobile donor.

There are currently programs that allow for monthly mobile giving but they are brand new and the details are not out yet.

Barbara Kelly

Hi Beth: I wanted to share a link to the fundraising community established on ammado at that benefits five international aid agencies on the ground in Haiti (one is the American Red Cross). An important distinction is that donors can give in over 30 international currencies and their preferred payment method. P.S. You don't have to be an ammado member to use this donation channel.

No matter what donation method you use, the opportunity to donate on MLK Day is a meaningful way to recognize our neighbors in need.
Barbara Kelly, [email protected]

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