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Margaret Egan

Terrific recap Beth as always you astound me with getting the impact out to share faster than a speeding bullit! Keep eating chocolate...always!

Christine Egger

The most understated blog title EVER!


Honestly, I am headed down to eat some chocolate right now. I am thinking about the metrics on this campaign, and about limiting yourself with the (most expedient) tool. Lots to learn from this.

Allison Fine

Beth, you can measure love -- and you just did in this post. Here's the measure:

Love = $4,840 + 66 blogger surprise party + many, many well wishes, poems, odes, and love letters to you!


Enrique Allen

Trying to repost the code from my comment.


Wow Beth, thank you!

This is an amazing example of promoting social good and sharing insights :)

In regards to your question about conversion rate, one technique would be to track clicks to the Causes landing page/# of impressions on your blog post landing page of interest (of course this is imperfect). To be more precise, you would filter this conversion rate by # of absolute unique visitors but the realistic question is how? Assuming your using Google Analytics, I would recommend setting up a goal where the conversion event is clicking on the Causes link embedded in your blog post. In general to avoid the issue of not having metrics from certain sites you link to, I'd recommend tracking key outbound links. For example, to log every click on a particular link to as a pageview for "/outgoing/example_com" you would add the following attribute to the link's tag:

It is a good idea to log all of your outbound links into a logical directory structure as shown in the example. This way, you will be able to easily identify what pages visitors clicked on to leave your site...

Also, I tried to comment directly on YouTube but just wanted to clarify my hypotheses about motivation around 1:00 in the clip which served as the basis for my tweet "triggers." My friends/followers may experience pleasure (immediate gratification) for helping me AND more importantly the Cambodian students! The same applies for hope (expectation) of developing a better relationship with me and impacting the lives of Cambodian students over time. For more information on this model check out:


Beth Kanter

Enrique: Thanks for the tip. And thanks for emailing me the code. Is screencaptured it here:


Thank you for these great examples of the use of social media and promotion of social good! Setting goals, as you stated above, is the key to your success

Thanks again!



Beth, it's been some months that I'm following your blog and, as days go by, I feel being more and more rewarded for the time I employ here. This article is one of the most interesting ones I've ever read on the crossroads for tech + doing good + npo + (real) social network + life + love + etc. Although some days late, happy birthday from Barcelona! Give us 53+ years of good knowledge and best practices!

Debra Askanase

Hi Beth,
Thanks for the place on your sidebar! I'm quite honored! Of course it was easy to come up with just five reasons to read your blog, and there are many more.

As for this post, it was chock-full of metrics, great how-tos, learning in real-time, and of course the giving that I wrote about.

Keep on keeping on!

Cheryl J

We are a new organization and this is so helpful. Thanks for all you do!

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