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Consider it downloaded! :)


that's good point .. now have to figure out how to point people over to it at the Itunes store .. :-)

Britt Bravo

Oooooh! This is *so* cool.



All you have to do is right click on the icon in iTunes, copy the URL and you're all set.


Farra Trompeter

Please do post the URL when you find it--can't seem to find the app doing various keyword searches in iTunes store/applications. Thanks! Farra

Joni Watson

I <3 you, Beth Kanter (and your blog)! Thanks for always posting such relevant information. I have gleaned so much from you that's making my organization, NOEP (, better.


Can't wait to download it! Let us know when you have the link because searching isn't working just yet! Very exciting!


Will you be creating one for Android as well? =)


Thanks for the tip! Will definitely check it out! One note, I think your cost estimate is a little low. Customized iPhone apps are going for $15-$25K at least.


another option for wordpress users is this plugin:, which reformats your blog for mobile users. mobile users can see the results at at the botto of the page is a link to the regular version of the page. thanks Beth for scoring the discount!

matthew willse

I definitely recommend using a mobile theme for organizations using wordpress. Many are free and the time investment is small. They aren't perfect, but provide a quick way to target a growing using base.

You might also check out iphone control panel, which allows you to configure other aspects or even redirect iphone visitors to a page or site.

Remember that 2.0 was all about bringing our desktop apps online. I think that iphone native apps are a little side-step, continuing the burden of user upgrades and developer maintenance. Mobile apps should be truly mobile, able to hop from platform to platform.

That said, thanks Beth for the great link. Definitely looks fun and interesting, and for the right campaign, a great tool.

Jon Loomer

We're trying out, which combines your blog, Twitter feed, and YouTube into one app. Also allows users to share to Facebook, Twitter and E-mail. Options are either $99/year or a 50/50 rev share of ad revenue, though they don't even have their ad network functional yet so you can choose that option for a free app.

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