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Melinda Lewis

I didn't know about this at all, but I love it. We give A LOT of stuff away, because we receive so many toys and clothes for the kids and stuff (and clutter drives me crazy), but this strikes me as a good alternative--selling some of the stuff and then donating the proceeds.

Robert Evans

While this is "feel good" piece, we must lo0ok at the total giving "package and note that Americans gave around $300 billion to non-profits in 2009, not a record but certainly a lot of money. Giving via ebay and other similar places is a true small penetration of giving activities. It's good for people to feel they are helping out, certainly. But let's not allow donors to be deflected from considering better (and more) giving to 1.3 million legitimate non-profits in the U.S. Watch for results announced in June for 2009 giving by Giving USA and truly see how little on-line giving impacts U.S. non-profits.

Rebecca Rodgers

We're set up through Giving Works for individuals to sell and donate. We promote in our newsletters and on our website however we don't get a lot of activity from it. We think it's a tech divide as we're in a rural area without high speed access for everyone as well as mid to low income levels.

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