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Charles Tsai

I predict 2010 will bring an end to these meaningless voting contests. Voter fatigue has begun to set in. I can't stand getting another email asking me to vote for this or not. And I'm not alone.

Voting has a place in some contests - i.e. American Idol - but not in most.

My New Year's resolution is not to participate in any more of these silly contests.

katrin Verclas

Hi, Beth -- I think that we, as a field, should really start refusing to be part of these silly and meaningless contests. They are popularity contests about who can muster friends and family to cast a rather meaningless vote, and they say nothing about impact or value of the mission and work of any given organization. How about a contest that measures actual impact of work by some good, well-thought out metrics instead of yet another time-waster that measures how many votes you can garner with incessant tweeting and bombarding your mailing list with email appeals? It's time for this field to rebel against what is starting to amount as PR manipulation, and focus on impact, rewarding great work, and reforming this increasingly broken sector to refocus on what actually matters.

The Recursion King

Your naive to think that this contest will solve social ills; this is more about moving some money off the books to avoid a huge tax payout or to improve Pepsi's image with some 'positive PR'. The amounts of money involved might make a small difference to a small number of people, but that's it. If Pepsi really cared about any of this the directors buy back the company from shareholders and then throw the company's profits into fixing society's ills. I don't see that happening any time soon lol.

Sam Davidson

I think point #3 is key (best) for any corporate sponsor or foundation wanting to use crowdsourcing. It's important not to make these popularity contests. Then, anyone with a deep mailing list can win some cash. I think a hybrid model - the public and a set of advisers - is the best way to go.

David Reich

Obviously Pepsi's mission isn't entirely altruistic. They'd like to use this campaign to sell soda -- and why shouldn't they? But you're absolutely right: it comes down to balance. As long as there's a genuine interest in helping these nonprofits (providing grants, support and not just wasting their time), I'd say the more revenue Pepsi can generate from this the better. It will only inspire other large corporations to follow this strategy, and put more energy and marketing dollars behind cause-driven, socially responsible campaigns.

I actually just posted on this, as well:

Stephanie Parkinson

Dear Beth--
You continue to inspire!

Online Charitable Contests REMASH: Dear Beth K.

This blog post is in response to the Chase Community Giving Contest controversy and the many blog posts and articles that have ensued. This post is an open-letter response to Beth Kanters blog post above.


I think the comments to the post are as interesting as the post itself.

Beth Kanter

Posting a link to the angry mob analysis

Joyce schneider

Regardless of the fact that obviously Pepsi's mission isn't entirely altruistic, the larger point is that good ideas are getting visiblity, being given a venue for consideration, and an opportunity for other coporations & organizations to grap a hold of the idea and drive it further towards execution with more funds to make it a reality! If itt sells more product, that's a plus do, as it means more campaigns for social good will surface & thrive. Bottom Line: the whole point is that good, sustainable, life-changing, ideas will flourish, get vetted, and be funded and "change agents" and "influencers" can get in the game to make change happen! There are much more worse things that having more people buy & drink Pepsi!

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