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Beth Kanter

Wow, Lance Armstrong Foundation is really savvy about leveraging opportunities for the Cause.

David Svet

This is a perfect example of what can happen when networks 'collide' for a common cause and a fun idea. Terrific example of using social media to generate a result fast. Causes involving pets would do well to take a look at this.

Marc van Bree

This is so great. When I saw it unfold, I actually wanted to suggest this story to you Beth, because it was exactly something you'd find interesting. So I'm glad you got someone to share it as a guest post.

I started following Fat Cyclist a couple of months ago and his is now one of the few blogs of which I read every single post (I'm a big bike fan). His story is so overwhelming, especially seeing the blows he has been dealt. And his passion (and wit) are tremendous.

When fund raising and social media came up in a very recent conversation I had, the general thought was that there's no real money to be made. Then I brought up this example.

Fat Cyclist keeps amazing me time after time. This, for me, is probably the biggest social media success story I have seen...

Roger Carr


Thanks for sharing your fundraising story. One of the lessons learned for individual fundraisers is the need to do something that will get the positive attention of the nonprofit organization. The organization will not be able to give the personal attention you received to every fundraiser. So, I believe your creativity in approaching the organization was key to your story becoming a reality. Thanks again for an inspiring post.

John Haydon

Frank - great assessment of this event. Thanks for sharing!

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