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Jim Shoff

I will move into the classroom in 2010 as an instructor and I will be using social networking to build a base of mentors and peers to encourage, share and expand on what I call the three M's, Methods, Metrics and Motives to challenge the how, why and effectivness of teaching in today's urban schools.

Lana Kraus

I have set two goals; my short term goal is to establish a social media policy for our non-profit organization, Kansas Family Partnership. Currently, Kansas Family Partnership has a Facebook page and is in the process of incorporating social media with the online resources library for substance abuse prevention. There is much potential for this organization and I would like to be able to help KFP become tech savvy.
My long term goal is to be able to offer well educated and experienced advice to more non-profits and other organizations about social media goals, plans and policies. I hope to attend graduate school to further my education in communication but am aware that I must keep up with the ever changing social media trends. The books offered in this give away will help me reach these goals. Plus, it's fun!

Lisa Butler

I am the sole person in charge of social media at the nonprofit I work for. This year, I have developed our presence on Facebook, and we have had a lot of success engaging our members through Facebook. However, as social media is not one of my main job responsibilities, I often don't have the time to devote to our social media to make it as effective as it could be. For 2010, I would like not only to expand our social media efforts, but also to find ways to involve our more dedicated members in running our social media efforts. I think these books would be very helpful to me and my organization, and I thank you for the opportunity!

Kristen Becker

Hi Beth

I will be continuing to develop and build relationships online with little regard for how they might effect my business knowing that in this way they will be authentic relationships and will ultimately be a positive force for my business.

Johanna Bates

Thanks for this opportunity, Beth. This is a great giveaway.

Since my org is going under, I find myself--after 8 years here--ready to go out into the consulting world full time. In the past year I've been helping a foundation explore social media, and the experience has really sharpened my sense of what I want to bring to my new clients in 2010.

Social media is seen by many as one half of a binary--it either has new, free magical powers that only few understand, or it's all hype and completely useless. This is not much different from the way all other new Internet tech tools have come on the scene.

As always, it is the role of a good nonprofit techie to help people understand that neither extreme is true. Social media is not magical, nor is it 100% new, nor is it something only a few people can understand or effectively use. Neither is it all hype--the near-ubiquity of social media tools heralds a significant shift in our culture.

So what I want to do in 2010 is help more organizations and foundations use social media in an integrated way to do their mission work. I want to help them not to be afraid of social media, or the two-way conversations it can foster. I want them to understand that it requires time and patience, and that it is neither free, nor is it rocket science.

These books would provide me with an incredible library for this work.


I suspect my Candian address will prevent me from winning. :(


We're creating our social media plan now (thanks much to you, Beth!). For 2010, we'll be utilizing our online presence to rekindle relationships with past volunteers, youth clients, family members, donors, and other supporters as spark new relationships, and to help us keep in touch with everyone overall. Like many nonprofits these days, decreased foundation support means we're really struggling financially. Because of this, our other big goal is to get back to grassroots fundraising, not only to help us get through these hard times, but to also create a continuous stream of funds by offering multiple ways for people to donate and to share who we are. Of course, being in touch with our supporters in so many ways means we'll also be able to thank them in just as many ways!


Our social media plan at the Museum of Samoa is to use the web to build meaningful connections between Samoa and the rest of the world.

At the museum we have just started a Flickr page and have built a gallery with photos from the recent devestating tsunami and our plan is to create an exhibition at the museum with stories, photos and video. We also plan to set up a blog for the museum in the coming year.

We have a small library at the museum where students would also be able to access these books and having the books would help us put together workshops for students on social networking.

Manuia le aso


I already commented on Steve's blog about my social media plans for my workplace, and given the very different content on this blog, I thought I might address some other plans I have that might be more on point here.

My mother is a teacher at a local school and they are looking to raise funds for getting their school grounds revamped (the jungle gym has caution tape on it and the basketball net is missing not only the net but also the metal rim). The school would like to use social media to get the word out about fundraisers they will have locally throughout the year.

These books would really help me rally the online local community together to get them a much needed new school ground.

Not to mention that I would devour these books in order to help me define our new marketing strategy at work which I described in mind-numbing detail on Steve's blog.

Thanks for the opportunity and best of luck with your good work! :)


Even if I've missed the giveaway, this is a good reminder to get my eyes a'reading! I'm working with a couple of social justice groups who have social media presences without a plan. So, first thing is to assess what each group has already, then examine a plan--and then get to integrating! For us, it's mostly going to be blogs, Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts.


The Pennsylvania Prison Society, in Philadelphia, is a very old organization and brand new to social media, but in the last few months we've come a long way! We've started a facebook, e-updates and have dove into Guidestar and other outlets, including I think next year we'll continue to soak up everything we can about the tactic and continue trying to raise awareness and increase supporters and donations through online outlets. The books would steer us in the right direction and help us to most effectively utilize social media.


I know you may have already picked a winner, but here’s to hoping you are still reading the comments!

Heres my theoretical plan:
The bottom line is: FOCUS. We do it all, but does it serve our goals?
For my company page impressions are king because more page impressions mean more underwriting and grant revenue. Ultimately we want to drive people to look at our website and keep coming back for more because if they consume more of our content and loyal to our site, we know we are serving our audience well.
To that end, I would value metrics that show interaction with our content (linking, retweets and comments) higher than other metrics available (Fans, followers and subscribers). Fans and followers are passive; the act of linking and spreading the word is active and gives a sense that our content is resonating with our audience. Since we have several fan pages, twitter accounts and blogs for different content categories, I would create rank reports for each social media platform based on the content categories performance in the key “active” metric associated with the platform (linking for facebook, retweets for twitter and comments for blogs). A content category may rank well in its comments, but poorly in its linking. If a content category ranks well in all metric categories than we can infer that it is serving our audience well. If we’ve put a lot of effort into one content category and it ranks low compared to our other content, then we should re-evaluate our efforts because we are either need to change something or realize that our audience may not put as high a value on it as we do and it is no longer worth our limited resources to produce it.

Most of my training has come from reading books, and I would love to expand my library with books on social media strategy. I know social media is going to be a big part of my job going forward, and if my theoretical social media strategy is way off then I really need the books!

Jason Inman

I would use these books to twake over the tworld in two thousand ten... then I'd hire a speech pathologist to help me get rid of my twaccent.

Seriously, if I won these books and @convoyofhope was able to provide one more family with clean drinking water for a lifetime, or one more child with a warm meal at school, one more village with the seeds and resources to create a community garden... because of my increased knowledge of building organic conversations on twitter, dynamic viral videos on youtube, real-time innovation on google wave, multi-lateral connections on facebook... then I would donate my current twopy of Twitterville to @krochetkids. Upon reading each of these books I would create unique campaigns to tap into my personal #nptech network in order to find welcoming homes for each of my thoroughly read books.

Just sayin... Hopefully nothing was lost in twanslation.


My social media plans for 2010 will include using Twitter and Facebook for customer service, insider product news, feedback, and to build relationships with our consumers and vendors. These books would help confirm many of the practices I use and also teach me more best practices so I can use these tools to their fullest.

I hope you give these books to someone whom is helping the homeless or world in some way, I'm just marketing a product that may not help as much as others trying to enter above. I wanted to post to help sway you towards a company that helps the world, community etc, which I'm sure were in your plans already. I can always buy all these since I'm that interested. If you're giving away a few, please do share :)



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