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Elliot Harmon

Museums and other arts orgs come to mind most quickly as organizations using new media as a central component in their programs. Brooklyn Museum and LACMA are leading the way in having online interaction be a part of what they offer. Gray Area Foundation for the Arts is a new one to keep an eye on.

WFMU is a nonprofit, community radio station that does amazing things with the internet. You can listen to the station live on the air, but they also offer two internet-only stations and a massive online archive. What started as a radio station is now one of the most important resources out there for study and enjoyment of contemporary music.

Nigel Cooper (Community Director: Qube Media)

We have been using social media to make behavioural changes, such as our Twitter project Twago (

It was enormously successful - the idea was to make people more aware of their travel habits in the hope of converting them to more sustainable transport.

I actually think Social Media is a lot better suited for these sort of things than traditional marketing...


We are a not-for-profit professional association and struggle to find examples of what other associations are doing with social media. Would love to get some links to similar organizations and see what is happening out there. Before we go down that route we really want to ensure we are doing it for the right reasons.


If you are with an association and want to know about social media, connect with Maddie Grant.  She's one of the most knowledgeable!

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