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I'm a bit torn about the new RT feature. I like that it's so easy to RT. I don't like that you can't edit the RT (either to edit out something superflous or add in your own comments).

I also have questions about whether or not the RTs are showing up in people's regular timelines. They don't seem to be, but I might just be missing something.

I know that Twitter is really trying hard to get more and more market share away from some of the third-party tools and back to its own web site, and this new RT (along with the list feature) certainly do that. I just wish they had either aligned the RT functionality more with what people are already doing and/or called it something different (like "like" or "share").

Stephen Downes

Should be 'rolls out', not 'roles out'.


fixed .. love crowdsourcing copy editing .. thanks!


We've been playing around with a crowd-sourced retweet app ( with some success. Essentially it's an easy way for non-profits like us to get "donors" to spread the word. About once every other week we post a tweet to the app and about 200 donors have it retweeted automatically for us. You can see it in action by following

The goal is to spread the word. I know, I know, Woodsy the Owl might have an issue with it but when you're looking to give people an easy way to help an non-profit it's a nice compromise.


thanks for your comment.   With information filtering failures aside, what do you easy retweet encourages slacktivism or not? 


Yes I suppose it encourages slacktivism. Our goal is to let people engage with us on their terms. Leading the charge is great, money is good, demonstrating interest is at least something too. If we believe the social capital concept around social media then in a way it might be a very big donation.

Scott Meis

I continue to be perplexed as to why it's taken Twitter this long to even begin integrating these types of features into the site. I certainly like the direction they are heading but it seems ridiculous to not be able to alter the RT. One of the great parts about an RT is to add your own two cents to help contextualize for your followers. I also can't see ever fully switching over to until they add in a shortening tool or the option for an auto URL shorten. Hopefully that's high up on their To Do list.

Alyse Speyer

This new feature could be potentially dangerous in that people may go nuts on retweeting. Still, this is probably why Twitter released the Lists feature beforehand. We’ll see what happens with this limited release.

Joanne Fritz

I'm going to continue to use TweetDeck because of the auto shortening on my own tweets and the ability to add to my RTs. Right now, I'm not following so many people that the list function is really crucial, although it will get to that point I'm sure. My guess is also that TweetDeck will incorporate the lists...or not? Are third parties prohibited from adding these features? I really think that the ability to add and delete with the RT is something people are not going to want to give up. I can't understand why Twitter didn't incoporate that.


Joanne:  Thanks for your comment!   There is actually a Twitter List API - so expect all sorts of fun stuff.  I think sesmic or some other aps have started to incorporate it - stay tuned.  B

Kathy Gill

Hi, Beth -- in the short-run, any beta-users should be careful when using the RT feature because many third party clients aren't rendering the tweets. At least two iPhone apps are (Tweetie2 and Tweetelator) but Tweetdeck and others aren't.

(PS - The "login with Twitter" link didn't work. Typepad got lost.

Dennis Van Staalduinen

Hadn't heard this angle. I actually think that the effect of the new ReTweet button (if it lasts in its current form) will be the OPPOSITE of what you describe. That is, because it is so much less useful as a viral Social catalyst than the "organic" RT (and I love that Twitter boss Evan Williams uses "organic" as a bad word), I think it will lead to fractured use of the RT conventions and an eventual decline in the number of RTs.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Check my Twiterloo post at Beg to Differ for tips on fighting the new RT monster.

I think sharing content via RT's is one of the reasons why people are primarily using Twitter to get their information. And so with Cadmus we are trying to ensure that we filter out duplicate and similar content. We are also working on sorting the stream by relevance by figuring out relationships between the people you follow.

Founder, Anomaly Innovations


I use Twitter, for Social Networking. I have got fruitful result from it. Now, I have made a clear idea about Twitter. Thank you for beautiful posting.

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