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Beth Kanter

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Karin Pritikin, Health & Medicine

Our 28-year old, Chicago-based health policy center, Health & Medicine Policy Research (HMPRG) took the social media plunge t the end of this past July after being inspired by a "Beth presentation" We launched a blog to share our thinking,, and links to blogs and sites of orgs in the policy sphere whose work we find interesting. We also launched a facebook page to begin building community and now have 190 friends - many of whom were NOT in our "friend zone" before. Both sites send post headers to Twitter, where we are getting new followers. We are excited that we are being read (few comments but we know they'll start appearing) and that new fans are being exposed to our social justice powered policy wok. Our ED has begun to steer items to post my way and to write things. Our 86 year old founder - who lives offline but, thanks to many years hosting a radio show, can think in Twitter-lengthed bursts dictates comments or we shoot brief videos of him using a flipvideo camera. The biggest challenge. We are a working board, lean staff or. Getting our overworked, very active and over-extended policy wonk board members (and tiny, perpetually busy staff) to either author posts, or shoot links and comments to me (the development officer) to post. (By virtue of the kind of work they do, I know they are constantly scanning, assessing downloading, interpreting and sharing stuff they find on and offline, with many of their colleagues and networks it just doesn't get put in the pipeline to me.) Thus far our social media adventure feels like a 2-3 person orchestra and - for these channels to really represent us, our thinking, action and work, and to really become the kind of vibrant communities we are in other spheres, more organization "players" will need to take an active role. That said, I think we're doing OK for this early out of the gate...

Karin Pritikin, Health & Medicine

Forgot to invite folks to follow Health & Medicine Pollicy Research Group's progress in all our current social media channels.


Headers are picked up at our nascent attemt at Twitter:


Social Media IS excellent for Charities because of their budget constraints. See the Video I have on The Chris Voss Show and you'll see some samples of it.


Chris Voss

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