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Joanne Fritz

Wonderful, Beth. You wrote this while in the plane right after the conference? You are a wonder! Get home and rest while everyone else works through your links...

John Haydon

Beth - Sounds like a great trip. Have a safe landing! ;-)

Geoff Livingston

Beth: Thanks for coming, you made it a fantastic conference. All seven session leaders provided great conversation starters, and combined with our 300 level attendees, I think this one was extra special. Great way to go out.

Shonali Burke, ABC

It was so great to finally meet you IRL, Beth. It was a pretty overwhelming day, for all the reasons you describe - I don't know if I've had time to fully process everything yet, but it was a remarkable day and evening. Even though this was the last BlogPotomac, the relationships it's given rise to will last a while, I think (at least some of them) - and that's a great legacy.

Lynn from


Excuse my much belated response to your wonderful post. For me, the absolute highlight of the conference was meeting you "IRL." It was such an amazing feeling to see you walking over toward me, saying, "I know you..."

We talk a lot about the futuristic technology behind social media, but it just as much reminds me of the olden days: when people wrote letters to communicate with each other, and really got to know each other through the power of the written word.

Thank you so much for all of the encouragement and support you give to those of us trying to make a difference through social media.

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