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Steve Tate

My wife and I purchased tickets last night for Madame Butterfly in Toronto next Tuesday. The sale was Tweeted and we jumped all over them... they also included a discount code for their eCommerce in the Tweet.

Jon Husband

My big takeaway: A successful social media strategy with arts audiences is more like an audience development or education program, not a straight ticket sales strategy.

Almost instinctive, when you think about it.

Almost the exact same thought hit me last week when I went to a Vancouver International Film Festival screening. We all see line-ups at such events, and we all look around at people and wonder what it is and isn't about them that leads them to interest in that film. We all have some point of curiosity or attraction that leads us to be 1) a film festival goer in the first place, 2) someone who has sought out that particular genre or mindspace, and 3) we are engaging in an experience that is specifically founded on one or other (for each individual) of the prismatic aspects of the genre, interests, curiosity, ambience, etc.

Various forms of social media can and will enhance this. Engagement and education are the lifeblood of building vibrant markets ... we're talking sophisticated information and social feedback loops. Which is where our wired nervous-system society interwoven with new forms of sociality is going.

Imagine .. with location capabilities and mobile devices with clear display screens and various search capabilities, the experiences available (presumably both good and awkward ;-) around a given film, or the festival experience and other entertainment activities in the vicinity. Not to mention cause-related activities that can be structured out of this too .. all while standing in line to fulfill / finalize the ticket sales (strategy ;-)

Marc van Bree

I'd say ticket sales third. Engagement first and second would be, for me, how social media can help with the arts organization's mission statement: bringing art to the community; extending the life of a performance. Ticket sales are there to support the organization financially, but the mission is to bring art to the people.

San Francisco has been doing a lot of great things, as well as the London Symphony Orchestra (musician blogs and tweets). There are a couple of shining examples out there and the classical music twitter folk are very active (just look at my list!).

Which brings me to thank you. Thanks for including my list in the presentation! Pleasant surprise to see it there! You're partially to blame for it too. ;-)

Will have a look at the social media + arts wiki and see if I can activate the classical music community to participate in it. I think there is some great potential for a great collaboration there.

As always, thanks!

Dans Organizasyon

Thank you so very beneficial to the community organizations, of course.

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