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Tresha Thorsen

Happy 10th Bday Harry! Here's hoping your wish comes true and that lots of boys and girls also ten in Cambodia get to celebrate with you when they receive support from the Sharing Foundation. Thanks also for letting us 'watch' you grow up :) and take us with you. (And you read my mind too cuz I was thinking I hadn't seen a video of you since your move but I've been kinda not keeping up with your mom's lightening bolt speed as much as I should). Hope you are loving San Francisco and having fun at your new school and here's to being the bestest age of being a kid: 10!!! :)

Hi Beth. Congrats on Harry turning 10!!

Something is amiss with this Causes page: Sharing Foundation: Helping to Care for Cambodia's Children

Invite Friends, Home, About, Members, Impact, but nowhere is there a button or link that says Donate.


I clicked through from your Twitter post because my son Nicholas just turned 10 last week and I was curious, did Harry want the same Legos Nicholas had on his list? Or maybe a video game? Or a bike? Nope. Donate to the Sharing Foundation! Impressive boy you have there. Heading on over to make a donation on behalf of Nicholas. Happy birthday Harry!

Michele P

Ditto Mary. I have a 10 and a 13 year old, and my ten year old is all about the Legos and video games. I'm truly impressed. On my way over too...You have a very special boy and obviously are doing a wonderful job raising him. Congrats and Happy Birthday, Harry!


It's working for me - causes must have had problems

John Haydon

Happy Birthday to Harry! $25 - done and done.


OK, that link worked, thanks! Causes confused this with another Cause I'd previously given to (Drew) ...

Trinity -  Web and Graphic Designer, Canada

Happy Birthday Harry...I joined TSF Facebook Cause! hopefully to get more donations and help more children in Cambodia.

Blessings to you and your family.


Happy Birthday! Mighty fine of the kid to think about charity at that age. I know I didn't! Of course that's been changed since then so 10$ it is!


Happy Birthday! It is amazing to see a 10 year old ask for donations to a charity rather than gifts. They are our future and to start teaching them young the importance of giving back is key to our success in the future. Great job with Harry! Truly inspiring to see youth so willing to give back!

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