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Tamsen (@tamadear @sametz)

The best way to learn social media is by doing--but that's a scary proposition when you're dealing with an organizational brand, in a media where what you do is documented (and searchable!) for all time...

What's worked for us is to introduce social media to key players within an organization in the form of *personal* pilot projects, where they go through the same steps they would for the organization (watch/listen; identify audiences, outcomes, content sources and needed resources; engage; measure; analyze; adjust) but for themselves in whatever non-organizational role they choose. After a month or so of the personal pilot, we bring the group back together to discuss lessons learned, and to apply those lessons for setting the social media strategy for the organization.

We're still experimenting with the format, but so far, it's been a success.

Robin Smith

Really an awesome posting..That picture signifies the values of this post..For a helathy life style there should be protection in each organization. Thanks..


Great post, Beth--As Tamsen says, you can only learn by doing, so you have to play with this stuff. One of the strategies I suggest is that people try experimenting with these tools within their organizations, like doing an internal blog or wiki or having people set up protected Twitter accounts and only allowing colleagues to follow them. That way they can practice, but it isn't in the wider world of other stakeholders.

On a side note--LOVE the Monterey Aquarium. We have pictures of my now 21-year old as a baby looking at the fish there. I'm jealous now! :-)

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