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Aimee Craig

Hi Beth,

My organization, the Chalkboard Project, would love a copy of Trust Agents!

We work hard to remain an independent source for information about K-12 public schools in Oregon. We spent our first two years doing public opinion polling and best-practices research to come up with a research-based agenda that Oregonians would support. We spend a lot of time and resources trying to make information more accessible to the average Oregonian so that they can make informed decisions about their schools. We started the Open Books Project ( a helpful source for community member who want to learn more about their school district including district spending, teacher and student data, and student achievement results.

Just this month we started twittering and facebooking and I would love to learn more about how to become a Trust Agent.

Bethany Deines

Hi...I'd love a copy of this book. The Children's Medical Center of Dayton, OH has made a concentrated effort to use social medial to post information about parenting tips, pediatric healthcare, child safety tips, and much more. We want to be our community's first source for trusted information. We utilize several Facebook pages, Twitter, (a local social network for mothers), and YouTube. Combine that with weekly community events for fundraisers, bike helmet fittings, car seat checks, and special events, Dayton Children's is actively serving the families in a 20 county area.

Our Twitter and Facebook pages grow daily. We were recently recognized as #35 out of 250 hospitals using Twitter and were #4 in number of posts. Our following has gained not just local recognition, but national recognition. In addition to being followed because of the information we have posted, we are now actively sought after as speakers and panelists for other non-profits on the value and use of social media. We are working hard to be trust agents on a number of's a high priority for our marketing and development staffs.

Thanks for the opportunity to get a copy of this book. I am sure it will be a great read.

Bethany Deines
Director of Annual Giving
The Children's Medical Center of Dayton
One Children's Plaza
Dayton, OH 45404-1815

"Do what ever makes sense for you, but don’t sit around and do nothing. It takes time to earn our trust and respect by become one of us so get on it." Was just having a conversation today with a couple who work in the non-profit ministry we work with and are about our age about this issue. Not all social media tools are right for everyone all the time but being connected is more than just posting an entry or two on FB or Twitter.

It's about choosing something that works for you that will allow you to connect with others who might share a similar interst, hobby or other affinity. That's all networking and connecting are...finding those who you can relate to and with and genuinely caring enough about the other person to add something to the relationship (information, thoughts, ideas, etc) and considering their contribution as valuable as well.

I like these points and Frank's one sentence summary--common sense but worth repeating again and again--social media (no matter how you disguise or discuss it) is most helpful and beneficial when it replicates what we do in everyday living---connecting with others, helping out when we can, caring about others and offering something of value during our time together. That recipe works no matter the tax identification category ;).

Marc van Bree

When I started my new job 6 months ago at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, I had to switch gears completely and go from using social media as a tool to connect to music loving patrons to using social media to disseminate child and family policy research. We’re getting ready to set up some tools to disseminate our research through social media. This list of attributes is definitely helpful for thinking about that switch.

I get really excited when a researcher testifies before congress about an issue or when our research has guided legislation. I’m very excited to get to know the network of service organizations, advocacy groups and policy makers that deal with the issues and learn from them, share with them.

As said, I get really excited when thinking about the impact of our organization on the legislative process. Currently, I’m also looking at IssueLab, a nonprofit solely dedicated to dissemination of research. I can learn a lot from them and have shared conversations with them about social media and dissemination.

This might be the biggest challenge. I want to know where the conversation is taking place, but having some trouble locating it. But then again, perhaps we can create this space. We’ve been looking into the possibilities.

Digital Native
Yes, I definitely grew up with online technologies. I started making Web sites when I was in elementary school and grew up talking on forums and message boards.

This goes back to being passionate and looks ahead to being helpful:

I think the most important function of online research dissemination is being helpful. We already provide free research publications, but social media can perhaps help us go beyond broadcasting, connecting with those who need the research. Almost being a child policy research concierge.

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