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Will Hull - United Cerebral Palsy eCommunications/eDevelopment Specialist

I agree. Providing performance metrics, even if they are exit metrics would help refine and improve the learning curve that so many of us are already on. Also, it would be great to have a way to verify fan pages as the official fan page versus one that you might be competing with that was set up by a fan rather than the actual organization. Something like Twitter has with a verified seal or wording that you can only get with verification. We don't want to stop fans and supporters from setting up their own, but we do want to make sure that fans and supporters join the right pages to get the official scoop on what is going on with that organization and organization representatives are officially thanking the supporter for their support.

Thanks for mentioning this. I'm with you.

Grace Kennedy - The Wellness Community Valley/Ventura

Thank you for sharing your idea for automatically giving Cause members the option to become fans. I hope Causes can do something to make the connection more...existent.

Melinda Lewis

Absolutely important--I'd add a response about whether some particular request/activity offended/repelled someone, I think--that's what nonprofits are often worried about, but I wonder how often that really happens. Thanks for your advocacy on this!

Beth Kanter

I think it would be really great to let folks customized their own survey too ..

Dylan Conn

I am a cause admin and I do get the data from this exit survey, along with other stats about how many members join and donate each day. Maybe Causes is only testing it with a small number of causes and that's what "we're playing around with it" means.


That's great to know! The information in aggregate would be useful a lot of
folks - a good way towards establishing some benchmarks. Also, would you be
interested in doing an interview about how you're using that information and
how it helped you improve your strategy? B

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 3:46 PM, wrote:

Garth Moore

Thanks for asking, I think a lot of groups wanted to know this info and didn't have the clout to get a response.

Ryan Quiel

I am also getting this information, which is very helpful when you are a non-profit and purchasing banner ads. Here is what we have so far in the last week or two:

61 people say
* "I was never that interested."
49 people say
* "I get too many announcements."
39 people say
* "There isn't enough activity or content."
24 people say
* "This cause is no longer relevant."

Very few wrote their own opt-out comment. It is hard to decide to email more or less with the two middle bullets conflicting. In my mind, I might go with more notifications, rather than emails from now on.

Coming from the email marketing world though, the opt-out rate to opt-in rate is well below 1%, so no drastic measures need to be made in the near future.


Thanks for sharing your insights. What do you think your opt out rate is
for your cause? I wonder if you get more people leaving after you email


On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 10:29 PM, wrote:

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