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Denise Graveline

What a great set of stories, Beth! My blogger cultivation is no different from what I was taught to do in cultivating reporters -- I started in PR after having been a journalist and my new boss said, "Just do what you'd wished someone had done for you on the other side." So that turned out like this: Be generous with unique leads and suggestions that show you've read the blog and get its approach and readership. Don't push. Don't check whether things have arrived. Make yourself available. Offer things: access, background, context, pictures, video, examples. Ask what's wanted. Be honest about what you do and don't have. Give away leads to other sources than your organization. Be on time with responses. Be early, even. I don't have to pitch much these days--I get pitched for my blogs--and I sure wish more folks had this training.

Marc van Bree

I think this article covers it really well, and the interesting thing is that I don't see too many differences with print journalism.

Here are my general rules: read, participate, build relationships and adapt materials. But really, I wouldn't treat bloggers much different than print journalists; provide the same level of service you would provide a journalist.

Drew McManus has some good advice over at Adaptistration on how to connect with new media (orchestra focus):

Also Todd Defren's social media release:

And lastly, I wrote a post about some Nielsen Norman Group research about how journalists use Web sites to find information and added some elements for an online press room:


wow, Denise, thanks for sharing these tips. And I wish more folks would
approach bloggers as you suggest below.

On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 1:11 PM, wrote:


Happy Anniversary! I didn't know until I hit my reader after we g-chatted!

I love that you're in Esquire, even if it's awkward. I think it's a wonderful photo! Also, wonderful advice as always.

Thank you for everything Beth!

Pastor Tom Sims

Happy Anniversary, Beth! You don't seem old enough for 23 years.

This was a great article - very good points.

Andrew Brandt

Well I think the wedding photo is cute. And cravats are NEVER out of style for real formal wear! (I wore white tie and tails at work when I was a symphony musician; Tux if it was an afternoon concert.)



Happy Anniversary Beth! Great tips too :)

Norman Reiss

Congratulations on your anniversary and wishing you many more. My wife and I are a bit behind you - we'll be celebrating #9 in November.


Congrats to you!

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 8:39 AM, wrote:

Christine Egger

Happy Anniversary to you both :)

This is why I <3 Beth Kanter: every situation is unveiled as a teachable moment. Great stuff ~


Happy anniversary, and thanks for the tips. I'm new to the field, and it's always helpful to understand how bloggers and journalists work and what I can do to make their jobs easier.


Beth - I loved your photo .. what does Esquire know? Seriously, congrats! to you and your husband. Thanks for being one of the shining lights of social media who is always willing to share and help people understand why these conversations matter. Appreciate the shout out too.

Cynthia Samuels

Happy Anniversary Beth. Hope you had a good meal someplace in Berkeley to celebrate the first one in California. I'm glad I'm not the only one who posts on wedding anniversaries!
As someone who does a lot of blogger outreach I commend your list. If you know anything about blogging and the attitudes and culture that surround us all, most of it is common sense, isn't it?

Jessica F.

Happy Belated Anniversary! You make a great point about THANKING ppl on Twitter - so many ppl get caught up in their own publicity needs they forget to say thank you or RT others.

Coincidentally I read this post yesterday from Joceyln Harmon's Marketing for Nonprofits blog about pitching bloggers.

melinda lewis

Great points, and, from my perspective, quite a few parallels to approaches beyond the social media realm. This is just about the same advice I give to advocates in starting new relationships with elected officials, too, for example. Sometimes, in our pursuit of what we want, we forget to deal with our 'targets' as the people that they are. I also wanted to echo--I think the picture is lovely, and the 23 years is an accomplishment to be celebrated! That's much more enduring than style.



Thanks for the nod to my post. And happy belated anniversary!


Mike Lazarus (GL Computing)

Nice post... but I'd like to add that this is actually a bigger issue.

Social Media (esp Twitter) has let people contact celebs or others that they might choose that wouldn't have been possible previously.

I see posts/tweets from random web people asking for one thing or another all the time.

Now mostly, this is a great benefit to social networks and social media. BUT there are also many who:

  • Haven't taken the first few steps to correspond with the person, introduce themselves and somehow engage their "target"

  • Haven't taken the time to even read their "target's" previous posts or bio to see if they are open to those types of requests

  • Provided any incentive - commercial, publicity or even (eg for a charity) personal satisfaction

  • Actually get upset if turned down or (worse) ignored

I do wonder if these people are like this in a face-to-face sales roll or on their first date? Or is it just the perceived anonymity that lends itself to these anti-social and rude methods?

It's no different to some guy asking you on a date before even introducing himself or finding out if you're available and then throwing a tantrum when you inform him that you're happily married.

Mike Lazarus

Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

Beth, your tips are right on the mark.

As a publicity expert and blogger, I am astonished at the number of people who NEVER pitch me! I love publicity success stories, yet few people beyond my newsletter subscribers seem to understand that. (Thankfully, I get a ton of feedback and content from my own subscribers.)

When pitching a blogger, your first communication with them needs to send the message, "I know who you are, I read your stuff, and here's how I can help you."

Beth, congrats on the anniversary. My Husband and I also share the same date, and i thought that we were going strong with 2 years! These pointers were such helpful tips. I come from a Journalism background and I agree with Denise, doing for others what you would have wanted done for you is one of the best ways to start.

Thanks for the help

Leiah Bowden

Hi, Beth,
I found your blarticle via an email from eJewish Philanthropy: The Jewish Philanthropy Blog -, which led me to an article, where I found you. Thank you for bearing the standard of the golden rule in cyberspace. I love your whimsy and the photo is dear. Yay for the cravat and the romance it broadcasts.

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