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Timo Luege

I disagree about the "checking in" emails. This might be a personal fault of mine, but when I get an email from someone then I feel the need to respond as well. And to be honest: I am already getting so many emails at work (and don't even get me started on CC) that I am frequently struggling to reply to all of them and do what should be my job. Granted, this might say more about how I organize my work and my day then about the suggestion as such . But I can say that I personally would hate to get frequent "checking in" emails. Imagine if ten percent of my professional contacts did that - the horror, the horror...

Stephanie Smirnov (@ssmirnov)

I agree with the commenter above about the "checking in" emails but I love and am inspired by the idea of sending personal cards -- old school, snail mail, pretty stamps, pen and ink. Wonderful. Recently set a goal of commenting on at least five blogs a day; new goal: send at least one real notecard a week. Thanks for the great post and ideas (and your photos are beautiful.) P.S. This is comment #1 for today ;)

Beth Kanter

@Timo - celebrate Information Overload Day on August 12th by taking one of their webinars on managing your email. I did have a similar thought when I read about the checking in emails - and decided that if I were do that I would probably not send as many.

For some good email management links:

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