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Ron Edmondson

Thanks for this post. I found you on Seth's blog and I'm adding you to my reader. Look forward to reading more. We seem to write about a lot of similar topics.

Ron Edmondson

Interesting post, especially the FOLKS approach to things. I struggle with creating such systems/frameworks for efficient action, mostly because while they're definitely necessary, only rarely do they seem to go anywhere other than a file cabinet to collect dust!

I do want to challenge Traynor on the following: "The principal challenge here is capacity, as an ever-expanding network requires ever-expanding resources."

I think the beauty of social media is that it allows unprecedented access to an ever-flattening information environment, while also providing us the tools to manage the flow from an individual level. The "more capacity, more resources" approach is old school! Seth put it better than I earlier today:



I work with an organization that is so far behind current technology reading a post like this might as well be written in Greek. Yet we are probably the largest charitable organization (at least near the top) in the US. Like so many other organizations, I don't see this one changing until the old ones die. So many excellent people, so much ignorance.
Thanks for an excellent post.

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