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Kevin Merritt


So glad that you joined in at Transparency Camp this weekend. I had a great time there too.

We now have government agencies striving for transparency and you ask about the applicability for non-profits. But why stop there? How about private companies too? I believe transparency will "spill over" from government to non-profits and forward thinking for-profit companies as well. After all, the most important outcome of transparency is improved performance. What non-profit Executive Director or private company CEO wouldn't want that?

Melinda Lewis

I'm so glad that you're addressing this. Too often, and for too long, nonprofits have denied those they serve the truly democratic access that they deserve; to me, it's not a matter of not having any 'secrets'--it's about establishing a culture of openness that flows both ways and that views (my particular interest is in social justice and social service NPOs) those who receive services as co-creators of social change and valued participants in meaningful work. I can't wait to see the examples you have--part of my work is in trying to help NPOs develop processes to enhance democracy and transparency, and I'm excited to see how social media can play a role in that.

Brent Norris

great post, really interesting subject... radically transparent non-profits Rise Up!

Say, pardon my ignorance but when I try to use google to define kismet, the first result is:

(Islam) the will of Allah

Brent Norris

ooh and a question...

Did anyone mention a way to address competition?

For example, competitive grant applications.

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