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As usual, Danah Boyd FTW:


Oh, and check out the "webpage" on the insightful comment above mine.

Beth Kanter

Hi Joe,

Thanks for pointing that out and will now include a link in the post!

Manny Hernandez

@kanter Thank you so much for introducing us (@pfanderson @Nedra + @mindofandre) to your audience. Quite an honor!!

I still can't tweet normally (my requests are timing out)

Beth Kanter


This group of kids were creating outreach/education campaigns for Hep B - they loved your Ning stuff - and the 14K strategy.

John Powers

Inchoate thoughts: The frame of "social networking is so over" doesn't ring true to me. But the studies are interesting. One quote from a teen about Twitter was something to the effect: "That's where the stalkers are." That stunned me because they way I use Twitter--in my very elementary way--is primarily for being alerted to links. Early in June Michelle Murrain wrote that she made her Facebook exclusively "not work." Lots of us want FB to have all sorts of database management tools; so if we want to relate to FB as "not work" one moment and "all work" another we'd be able to. The hunch I'm getting from seeing young people's comments about social networking is the premium they place on authenticity. For lots of young people phones are their network database management tool.

I'm confused, but I still think that FB adding management features is a important. Cultural practice is very dicey, you don't want to mess with it too much or too often.

Young people want their social networks to be real friends, but they also must see advantages to reaching beyond them. That's why the sorts of suggestions you've made for management of FB fan pages seem a good place for FB to experiment.


I will be relieved to see some of the "social networking" frenzy die down. I cannot imagine trying to manage and educate a classroom full of web addicts who have forgotten how to look someone in the eyes and converse - with their mouth, eyes and ears. This social networking has really taken a toll on productivity among many adults as well. Especially as it exploded just as new business technologies were on the horizon, we are all trying to process new tools, methods, policies, 24x7 geopolitical news, and 24x7 "hi whatcha doing" updates, see the 219th picture of my child...etc..etc...

HVAC Baltimore

Great Work !


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