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Beth Kanter

One more to add

Who are you? Identity trends on the Social Web
"On the Internet Nobody Knows You're a Dog" Is this famous New Yorker cartoon still true? Twitter is doing verified accounts. Facebook claims everyone using their "real name" gives strong social validation 'proof'. Equifax is validating age with information cards (digital tokens). We will explore the current trends and its implications for the future.

Matt Koltermann

Wow, thanks for all the legwork and voting recommendations, Beth! Lots of great stuff to look forward to at next year's SXSW Interactive.

Eve Simon

Two more to add if you don't mind?

Data, Data, Everywhere: Drowning in a Sea of Analytics

"A Web site gives a nonprofit access to data that makes old school direct marketers salivate. But many organizations find themselves getting bogged down in producing graphs every month, obsessing over drops in pageviews, throwing their hands up on the air, and deciding they don’t have enough resources to maintain this kind of analytics analysis. Stop obsessing about the small stuff, and start learning about creating a goal-oriented, actionable analytics plan that can help your Web site thrive."

It's Not All About You: Respecting Your Users

"Google practices it with AdWords. Facebook learned it the hard way. The truth is, your site isn't there for you or your board; it's there for your users. All the clever marketing tricks in the world won't win their loyalty if you don't give them a little respect."

Sorel Denholtz

Awesome round-up. Thanks!

Here is a case study about a specific non-profit:
Dinosaur to Digital: A Museum Convergence Success Story

And another...
Tools for Good: Design Meets Technology in Service

Pat Aufderheide

And I'd love to have people take at least a look at panels I'm involved with, which are for the film program, but which deal with cutting-edge digital issues:

There's Gold in Those Archives: Long-long-tail filmmaking (


Remix Goes Mainstream: Making Mashups Pay (

Thanks so much!

Karen Bantuveris, VolunteerSpot

So looking forward to a NPO roar at SXSW!

Please add this panel:

Doing Good Online: Mobilizing Community Action

Join us as we explore trends and tools in mobilizing and facilitating community engagement and community service. There is more national support for service than ever before and interactive companies are stepping up to the plate to get more people plugged in and giving back online AND in the real world.

Hosted by Karen Bantuveris, CEO VolunteerSpot

Karen Bantuveris, VolunteerSpot

Whoops - here's the correct link for:

Doing Good online, mobilizing community action.

Turns out the link I added may not be good - here's a better one:

Thanks, Beth!

~ K


Hi Beth - Just wanted to thank you so much for including our panel (I'm on the "Socially Conscious Geek" panel with Leif Utne and Noah Scalin). I'm really excited about how many nonprofit-related panels are up for consideration this year… feels like a very rich selection, though it makes it hard to choose!

Beth Kanter

Here's one more


We've also got two great panels up for vote that will focus on buidling mobile applications and Web sites for nonprofits. We're excited to be able to empower people to use these tools to benefit some really great organizations.

"Design and Development Powers for the Social Good":

Mobile Platform Battle Royale:

Ted Fickes

Hey there... a few days late seems to be typical for me these days but just wanted to toss another one out here...

...which is titled in dramatic SXSW fashion... "Evolution, Creation and Extinction (of the organization)"

The basic idea being what can/should newer and older organizations learn from one another to succeed in a changing media/community environment? Are older organizations, which built media and communications programs around print and other traditional outlets, evolving well enough/fast enough and what does it mean if they're not? And so on.

Some other folks involved with this panel include...

Michael Silberman, EchoDitto
Andrew Aviza, Care2
Danielle Brigida, National Wildlife Federation

Dang, there are a ton of great panel ideas out there.

- Ted

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Jeff De Cagna

Hey Beth:

You missed my SxSWi panel proposal "The iPhone Volunteer: Can Mobile Devices Save Society," and here is the description:

Mobile is the next great platform for engaging volunteers, and the timing of its arrival is excellent, given the “wicked problems” we face. The enhanced capabilities of today’s mobile devices and the power of inventive applications are creating a new generation of “iPhone volunteers” who may well change the world!

In addition to myself, the panel will involve these confirmed participants:

Jacob Colker, CEO
The Extraordinaries

Premal Shah, President

Katrin Verclas, Co-Founder and Editor
2009 TED Fellow

The panel can be found at I would appreciate it if you would help me spread the word about it. Thanks!

Jeff De Cagna, FRSA, Chief Strategist and Founder
Principled Innovation LLC

Shannon K. Aronin

Great list Beth! Thanks for pulling together. This is a big help in voting!

Amanda Koster

Citizen journalism and the little NGO that could.

Amanda Koster, SalaamGarage.

See what happens when citizen journalists (you) team up with International NGOs (non-government organizations), create and share media projects with their online and offline communities. We will present projects created by travelers from our India and Vietnam trips, what they did with their content and what happened next. -

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