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I think that this makes an excellent point of what tends to be a major fear of organizations that are trying to mobilize their supporters; are we overly stimulating with our attempts to reach them? Seasonal mailers, annual drives, direct dial campaigns; the lines were fine and grey well before the wonders of new social media. I believe it really all comes down to the attitude of supporters. While they can choose to plug in or zone out as much social media to their lives as suits their tastes, I do find myself concerned that a supporter icon on FB or another social group is just a cyber-world accessory and not something that will act as a catalyst for action.


This is a very solid post. One of the best points is when James writes: "I don't think we can underestimate the power of volunteerism..." This is what we learn again and again. It's so important to tear down the brick wall that *stops* donors/volunteers from doing more to help your good cause.

Will Marlow -

Brad Dohack

Thanks for the info Beth. Has anyone seen any best practices information for non profits using social media? Have there been any studies done?


Beth Kanter

Brad, not necessarily studies but check out the WeAreMedia wiki

James Wu

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and feedback, and to Beth for letting me share mine! Best of luck and feel free to reach out to me at any time.

D eras

James, Ok so I am on the patient capital bandwagon. What's the next step? That's where the rubber hits the road.............….

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