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Wibowo Sulistio

Wow! Very glad to have you as a fan and member!!
Thanks for the excellent article!

Btw, we usually write 'WiserEarth' instead of 'Wiser Earth', so you might want to change the title? And for an intro on WiserEarth groupware, feel free to link to

Angus Parker

Thank you Beth for a nice summary of what WiserEarth has to offer. The only extra point I would add is the WiserEarth is free to use for non-profits, for-profits, government agencies and individuals working on social justice and environmental issues with a non-commercial purpose.

John Madigan

Hi Beth,

Great post. I agree, the collaborative tools WiserEarth provides to engage in discussions, projects, and resource sharing are outstanding. These features make it easy to engage with organizations and people that share the same passions and interests.

Thanks again for the informative post.

Warm regards,



Thank you for your interesting article, and your blog is also full of useful information, many find useful information.


Thanks for your thoughts on WiserEarth!

Our Community Newsletter features some great WiserEarth Groups.

If you have a passion related to environmental or social justice, just do a quick search on WiserEarth to connect with Groups, Organizations, Events, Jobs, and Resources focusing on that issue around the world.

With thanks for the work you do,


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